effective promotionSo many of us try to do the selling and wonder why we don’t get the success we are looking for. The way to make a difference is to learn effective promotion instead and point your prospect to the presentation that will be given by the more experienced marketers. When you do this well, you won’t even NEED to learn how to sell.

Effective Promotion Is The Key To Growing Your Business

When you can learn effective promotion you can be the “pointer” and you will be able to go back to your prospects more than once because they will thank you for trying to help them. When you recommend something to a prospect and send them to a presentation that has a person who has the experience to close a deal, you don’t have to worry about learning this stuff for yourself, unless you really want to.

You can have several things that can help people so when you get their feedback on what you sent them to see, they may say it’s not a good “fit” for them because of a certain thing. What you can do then is to suggest another thing that might help them. Because you’re not the person who is “selling” to them, the psyche is different and the prospect will see you in a different light. You are more likely to be seen as a helpful person trying to offer a solution to their dilemma.

Effective promotion can be a way of showing people by recommendation rather than having the attitude of “you need to do this” and trying to “sell” all the time.

Effective Promotion Is An “Every Day” Strategy

There are many marketing systems available these days. The best of these marketing systems have weekly webinars and also live events. The marketing system I employ has a webinar nearly every weekday and every one of them has tremendous value. There are two “main events” each week, which are open to everyone and also a daily call that is open to everyone too. The system itself is something that requires effective promotion from every member, but the person who does the “selling” of the system knows its power to the dedicated small business owner. I don’t NEED to sell the system, all I need to do is to promote.

When working with a system like this, essentially there is an event several times a week. A webinar is an event and you can take advantage of promoting this, and any other event, in three ways:

  1. Pre promotion – where you can promote prior to the event by sending out “teasers” to your list or by posting on social media about the event that is about to happen.
  2. Promotion during – if you’re on a webinar, you can promote this even when on the call. Posting something you just learned on social media can trigger attention and some may turn up. It may be late, but they still turn up and get some great value. This is not so easy during a live, personally attended event and may have to be missed out.
  3. Post promotion – where you can share things you learned and offer a video or blog post to your list to help them understand what benefits you have got from the event. You can get more interest on social media and get more people on your list by telling people you’re sending out the information to your list and asking them to subscribe if they want to know more.

Effective promotion offers you so many opportunities to be helpful to people and you should take advantage of this simple and effective strategy.

To the future

Barrie Evans