building your journey through life and following the pathEvery one of us has our own life journey. It’s a personal thing that often has too many people trying to influence. The outside influence is all around us. Why is it that all we hear about is bad news? Bad news accounts for a miniscule part of the news as a whole, but all we seem to hear about is murder, bombings, terrorism and the like. Why is that? I think it’s to drive fear into all of us so we comply with the control that is “invisible” all around us. We never really know the power of what we can achieve until we let go of this and set out our own life path.

The control can be as simple as people setting limits on us. Education systems in the past (and maybe even now in some circumstances) limited the expectations of certain pupils. What kind of message does that send out? It promotes “I can’t”. This is not because the person isn’t actually capable, but it’s because they are not being encouraged to forge their own path. Limitations don’t serve any of us, so don’t let anyone set limits on you or indeed set limitations on yourself. Be influenced by the opinion of others who limit you and you will never know what is possible.

It’s too easy to be influenced in this way if you actually let it happen! We all have our own inner genius that we were born with, but we have to follow the path to extract it.

Your Life Journey Is Unique To YOU

Knowing that you are unique is important. Everyone is unique in fact and if you live your life based on limitations set by either yourself or those around you, you will never know what your potential is and may never create a journey that is as fulfilling as you want it to be. Don’t let it create a list of “what if” in your head.

Creating your life journey is your own personal mission and it’s up to you to forge that path. Listen to constructive advice, but don’t let yourself be restricted because of someone else’s experiences. I have heard too many people say “that doesn’t work” when talking about the network marketing system. What they should say is that they are not comfortable with the method and need to find something that they can work with better. With the success achieved by some in network marketing, it’s clear that it DOES work, but it requires the same thing as any other business – WORK!

create your life journeyI had people who influenced me a lot when I was younger. I was told by a music teacher that I would never make it as a concert pianist. Talk about limitations! I know that those who make it in the music industry in that field have so much natural ability, but there are those who work hard and still make it. People can influence you in positive and negative ways.

I was taking lessons in playing classical organ at a local cathedral and my tutor was so impressed with what I was doing he suggested I take ARCO (Associate of the Royal College of Organists), which I did at 18. Unfortunately I failed by the smallest of margins in the practical and a little more in the theory and stupidly did not follow up. It was in my “A” level year, which may have had a bearing on it because I was so busy with other studies too, but I passed my music exam well.

I know now that the biggest and best influencer I should have followed was my organ tutor who believed in me. Instead I took more notice of the other teacher and didn’t forge my own path to do what I truly wanted to do. Other circumstances prevailed, but in hindsight (a wonderful thing now) I realize it was not just the limits set on me, it was my BELIEF in those limitations that stopped me from doing so much more.

I now know that the only person that truly influenced my life path was ME. I was a victim of circumstances, but mostly a victim of limits set on me by others and subsequently myself. I didn’t achieve the potential I had because I let other things get in the way.

Life Journey And Finding Your Direction

Finding your own direction and creating your life path is YOURS alone. Yes, you need a little guidance, but you need that goal to achieve everything you want in your life. Finding your direction is one way to find the road less travelled. “Beat around the bush” and let yourself be influenced by negative things and being a “victim” does not serve you in any way.

You have a dream or at least what is “considered” an achievable ambition, so focus on that NOW. Do what you need to do to reach your goal without becoming a victim of circumstances. You may, like me, experience some setbacks, but what burns inside you needs to be nurtured into a controlled and flourishing fire rather than a dying ember.

My mistake was to be the “victim”. It didn’t serve me in any way. The sad thing from my point of view was how easy it was to just leave those things I loved to do to make a living in a job I hated. Yes, it helped to provide for my family, but it didn’t provide for my own emotional well being. My advice to you is to re-evaluate your path if you feel you’re slightly off, but don’t give up on that dream.

My life journey hasn’t been a road less travelled by any means; it has been trodden down several times. This was because of uncertainty, limitations and influences that took me away from my true life path. I have at last found my path and am treading it with encouragement and real ambition. You can change at any time of life, but create as straight a path as possible, stay focused and practical in your ambition.

People around you want what’s best for you, but they may not understand your drive to do what they consider unachievable. It’s your life journey and you need to create it. There will almost certainly be some diversions, but keep at it because only YOU can realize what YOU want to do.


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