listening is a skillIt’s always been a fact that listening is a skill, but with the dawn of the communication age, it’s a skill that we all need to develop to build our business. If you’re a good listener then you’re going to be in the position to hear what your prospects’ problems are.

With All The Internet “Noise” It’s More Evident That Listening Is A Skill

I’ve recently been connecting with people on social media who only talk about themselves and how much money they are making. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the same thing, but I think that these people are not looking at things the correct way. This is not necessarily their fault, but they have been given some strategies that may work for a short time. Is this going to give them a sustained business? I’m not so sure.

The attitude about the fact “I’m building a great team” and “I earned x amount today” and not even a question how they can help you to do the same by doing something they do. They are so engrossed in their own importance that it’s not something that appeals to me.

When these misled people realize that listening is a skill that they need to embrace, they will see more success and build a sustainable income for years to come, building true wealth for themselves.

Listening Is A Skill We Can All Embrace

In the past I know that I used to talk too much! I would have so much excitement about what I had; I didn’t take time to listen to my prospect to see what they required. What happened? The prospect said no to me and yet they joined someone else. This was basically down to inexperience at the time, but also because I had not learned to LISTEN!

When you create good listening skills you will discover what your prospects problems are. You must remember that it’s your job to provide the solutions to your prospects’ problems. That way they will be attracted to you more and more. When you realize that listening is a skill you need to develop then you will be on your way to be able to help so many more people.

Make sure you don’t get left behind. Learn to control your excitement so you can listen intently to what your prospect has to say. Even if they are excited about something they are doing, they may be showing some “bravado” rather than telling the whole truth. Should someone be telling you that they earned x amount today and x amount yesterday, if it appears unrealistic it’s probably NOT true. A lot of people like to save face rather than tell the whole truth.

Don’t disregard these people altogether. Also, don’t patronize them. Instead listen and you may find that the problem will eventually come out and you will be in a position to help them. Listening is a skill that most of these people are not good at. They don’t realize that listening is something that will bring forth a lot more reward than they could imagine.

Embrace for yourself the fact that listening is a skill and look to develop this skill to be a good listener and be able to give yourself the edge over those who just try to throw deal after deal at you WITHOUT listening.

To the future

Barrie Evans