look after the penniesHow many times have you heard someone say that a penny is nothing? A penny is a penny and not “nothing”, so it’s important to look after the pennies in order to make a start. When starting out with a very small budget, a penny can be the start of something you never really know can be ahead of you. Saving the pennies can make all the difference.

Look After The Pennies And The Pounds Will Take Care Of Themselves

Or so my grandmother used to say.

It’s very true that when you look after the pennies, you can help the pounds (or whatever currency you have) to take care of themselves. Have you thought to put the odd copper coins into a bottle, jar or other type of container every day and see how much you can save? Whatever you save it can be put towards something to help you.

If you feel you have enough, why not keep the change and donate to charity? You can use the cash to be your contribution to a worthy cause and a way to “give something back”. Remember the analogy of “give and you will receive”, then giving will help your cause either way.

Look After The Pennies And You Will See The Benefits

look after the penniesYou need to look at ways to start. It can be a simple way to start a project or something you’ve been putting off. Consider this thing as your “penny”. This is more than a money thing, it’s a life thing.

Making a start in anything is the key to getting more done. Considering the importance of the little things to do every day, as discussed by Jeff Olson in The Slight Edge, then you need to treat every little task as vital to your progress.

Look after the pennies when you start with things on the money front because EVERY penny is important no matter what you need them for. A penny is NOT “nothing”, it’s a PENNY!! When you understand the power of the small things and the compound interest of the constant “doing” of the small tasks that make a difference, then you will be on the right track.

To the future

Barrie Evans