It's easy to lose focusWith all the distractions around these days, it’s too easy to lose focus on what you have to do or complete your tasks on time. There are times when life seems to “get in the way”. Then the negative factors kick in. There’s not enough time. I am working too hard with no end in sight. I Can’t DO IT!!!

I can relate to this a lot recently. I do quite a lot of things anyway, but recently there have been weddings for 2 of my sons and my mother fell and broke her hip. This led to me going to the hospital nearly every day as well as helping to care for my elderly father. Don’t get me wrong, these things I NEED to do, but when you’re focused on getting business stuff done, these distractions are a real hindrance! The sequence of events came one after the other: One wedding, my mother falling and then the other wedding, my mother going to rehab in another town… and on it goes! Then things started to get behind and it was affecting everything. It’s hard not to get stressed and worry, but that doesn’t serve me…

Is it any wonder I lost focus?

When I Lose My Work Focus I Reassess And Reset.

Because getting stressed doesn’t serve me, I tend to look at things in the light of day and reassess. This usually means I reset my thoughts and write things down. This helps to get everything out of my head and get things back into perspective. To be honest, this is helping me to do just that. Ok, so I still have to deal with getting to the other town to see my mother, but I set that into my routine and work the other things around. It’s really not a big deal if you look at things sensibly.

The distractions can take a hold of you if you let them. They rule your life because they are necessary things to have to deal with. Because of this, the high focus you have on your goals and business tends to “move to the background”. Before you know it, everything is going south!

When You Lose Focus, You Lose The Ability To Be Rational!

don\'t lose focus on your purposeAll of these distractions can send you into a spin! You worry about everything around you, start to rush things and then things get missed out. Important things are forgotten because you have to get somewhere quickly. Your deadlines are getting closer and you’re getting into “panic” mode.

The important thing is to take control of it before it takes control of you! That is why it’s a good idea to sit down and reassess things. Don’t panic because, much like getting stressed, that doesn’t serve you either! Get yourself a coffee (or your favourite beverage), a notepad and pen and sit down to get everything into perspective. Write down where you are, what you have to do and the extra things you have to fit in. Reset your plan and work from that point.

If you have clients and you have deadlines to meet, talk to those people and explain your situation. In my experience, most will understand and give you a little leeway. If there’s one that won’t rearrange, then concentrate on getting their work done first. For those who are prepared to rearrange, agree a new schedule and get it done in your new routine. Communication is the key to everything.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine or anything at all that makes you lose focus, stay calm and reassess where you are. Remember that these kinds of distractions are usually temporary. Be prepared to make changes to ensure you regain the focus you have lost.