What To Do When You Lose Your Focus.

It's easy to lose focusWith all the distractions around these days, it’s too easy to lose focus on what you have to do or complete your tasks on time. There are times when life seems to “get in the way”. Then the negative factors kick in. There’s not enough time. I am working too hard with no end in sight. I Can’t DO IT!!!

I can relate to this a lot recently. I do quite a lot of things anyway, but recently there have been weddings for 2 of my sons and my mother fell and broke her hip. This led to me going to the hospital nearly every day as well as helping to care for my elderly father. Don’t get me wrong, these things I NEED to do, but when you’re focused on getting business stuff done, these distractions are a real hindrance! The sequence of events came one after the other: One wedding, my mother falling and then the other wedding, my mother going to rehab in another town… and on it goes! Then things started to get behind and it was affecting everything. It’s hard not to get stressed and worry, but that doesn’t serve me…

Is it any wonder I lost focus?

When I Lose My Work Focus I Reassess And Reset.

Because getting stressed doesn’t serve me, I tend to look at things in the light of day and reassess. This usually means I reset my thoughts and write things down. This helps to get everything out of my head and get things back into perspective. To be honest, this is helping me to do just that. Ok, so I still have to deal with getting to the other town to see my mother, but I set that into my routine and work the other things around. It’s really not a big deal if you look at things sensibly.

The distractions can take a hold of you if you let them. They rule your life because they are necessary things to have to deal with. Because of this, the high focus you have on your goals and business tends to “move to the background”. Before you know it, everything is going south!

When You Lose Focus, You Lose The Ability To Be Rational!

don\'t lose focus on your purposeAll of these distractions can send you into a spin! You worry about everything around you, start to rush things and then things get missed out. Important things are forgotten because you have to get somewhere quickly. Your deadlines are getting closer and you’re getting into “panic” mode.

The important thing is to take control of it before it takes control of you! That is why it’s a good idea to sit down and reassess things. Don’t panic because, much like getting stressed, that doesn’t serve you either! Get yourself a coffee (or your favourite beverage), a notepad and pen and sit down to get everything into perspective. Write down where you are, what you have to do and the extra things you have to fit in. Reset your plan and work from that point.

If you have clients and you have deadlines to meet, talk to those people and explain your situation. In my experience, most will understand and give you a little leeway. If there’s one that won’t rearrange, then concentrate on getting their work done first. For those who are prepared to rearrange, agree a new schedule and get it done in your new routine. Communication is the key to everything.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine or anything at all that makes you lose focus, stay calm and reassess where you are. Remember that these kinds of distractions are usually temporary. Be prepared to make changes to ensure you regain the focus you have lost.


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41 Responses to What To Do When You Lose Your Focus.

  • Hi Barrie,
    A friend once said to me “Confusion has its own reward” and I always remember that. When I have moments of confusion, not knowing what I want, if something is worth my time.. I just see where those thoughts lead me. Many times I’ll find a solution, let go, or move on .. so those moments of not knowing, for me, are good. Nice post, always great to visit

  • Hi Barrie,

    I know just what you mean!

    It sometimes seems that “nice things” become “a nuisance” because they get in your way.

    Take my holiday, earlier in the year….. It took me so long to prepare for it, then so long to pick up the pieces after it, that I ended up wishing I hadn’t bothered. Which is a shame, because overall I enjoyed it.

    My offline clients are pretty forgiving and happy to work round holidays and family dramas. I guess it’s the “urgency” of the online world – and the ready availability of alternative suppliers that makes for the “hurry-hurry” of the online world.

    So it comes down to “know, like and trust” – which I have build up with my offline clients over many years; but is maybe harder to achieve online.

    Good tips for re-focusing. We all have to do it every so often. Glad you’re on track.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Holidays are great for me Joy. They actually help get into focus when I get back. The things that get to me are the necessary things that tend to “get in the way” and I find it hard to organize because everything is so random. This then affects the way I work.

  • Hi Barrie,

    My goodness, I know those kinds of distractions because it happens to me all the time. From care taking my mom to my own health issues that can distract me from my business path. It isn’t easy, but we must be ahead of the game. By that I mean, be ready for life’s “stuff” to happen. This is why I write a few blog posts ready to be published for those just in case moments.

    Also I like to have my social media updates done ahead of time so they can be scheduled. It does give me a few days to take care of the issues that occur.

    But no matter what, we do have to keep pressing on!


    • Yes, Donna, I’m trying to get ahead again so I can schedule things in. The “curve ball” is the trips to see my Mother now because it’s not so easy to get there without transport.

  • When I lose focus I have to step away sometimes for a few hours. I have learned that after that I need to find out what is causing the distraction because it isn’t always something external. Thanks for sharing Barrie

  • Hi Barrie,

    Really enjoyed your post! You have lain out some awesome tips for what to do when you lose focus. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • hi barrie,

    great tips!

    with my coaching business, i have learned first-hand about the importance of working toward your goals with step-by-step consistency and accountability. If we do not have those two elements during our goal achieving journey, it is easy to lose focus and enthusiasm.

  • We can plan ahead If WE accept that there are always going to be unavoidable distractions. There always are to some extent because we can’t control everything that happens in our lives.

    We can write and schedule blog posts, social media posting, sending out newsletters … Easier said than done though Isn’t it? I’m meant to take a few days off from reading next week because of a cataract op – Am I prepared in advance – No! I’ll just do it one eyed because I won’t be able to resist:-)

    Stepping back from time to time is a good idea, even if you’re not stressed or lacking focus. I think that’s when we give our minds time to be creative.

    • I had a cataract removed and it’s not so bad. The worst thing was the op to repair a detached retina, the after effects of which were the cataract. Sight is a wonderful thing and when the cataract is gone, you will notice a massive difference. My dad has just had one removed and he can see much more now.

  • Wow Barrie Life Challenges Abound!

    Fortunately you have a great way of dealing with them

    Writing them down at least make them more real and more Manageable… In your head they are this swirl of thoughts with no real action plan possible, just caught in the vortex

    Relax and Breathe

    Take time for you

    This Too Shall Pass

    To Great Success


  • Wow, Barrie, that’s a lot to handle. that does seem to be the way it goes. Hence, the saying, “When it rains it pours!”

    it can be very challenging to stay on track in your business while dealing with having a life and making time for others.

    One thing I’ve learned is to take a deep breath, and try to relax. If you’re tense, you won’t be able to think clearly and create a plan of action, so just relax. Maybe take a break, then come back to the tasks after you’ve had a chance to reset your emotions.

    Hope things are going much better now. It sounds like you have created a process for yourself that keeps you productive.

    I really like the point you make of being honest with clients and just informing them of what’s going on and rescheduling. That makes perfect sense to me.


    • It has been more than a little distracting, but dealing with it is easier when you, as you say, take a breath and relax. It’s a temporary thing that can become more permanent if one lets it. I have no intention of letting it. Thanks Deborah.

  • Hi Barrie,

    Sorry about your Mom. But, I admire how you’re taking care of your Dad and helping your Mom. In almost every case, family is more important than business.

  • Hello Barrie! We all know life happens, it is how we deal with this that matters HUH? Loved all your your tips. Great Share.
    Thank You
    Chery :))

  • Hi Barrie,

    Not sure why I am typing in capitals it wont let me take caps off! So your post is so important because we will all encounter distractions. The main this is to just keep going an refocus like you say. It also helps to be prepared just in case it take a little longer than usual to get back in to the swing of things.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Barrie,
    I’m sorry to hear about your Mom,
    that’s a worry, not to mention looking after your Dad. Be glad that they are still with you. My parents passed away a long time ago. Congrats on your son’s getting married! I don’t think mine ever will. lol I did get the -I can’t DO IT! Inside joke.
    I like how you handled all this.
    “The important thing is to take control of it before it takes control of you”
    To regain your focus write down where you are, what you have to do and reset your plan. Excellent advice. Glad to see things are getting more back to normal for you.

    • Thanks Kathryn. My oldest son gave me the “I’m not throwing my life away, so I won’t be getting married” line. I’m pretty sure that if he finds the right person, he will change his mind. Mum is a lot better and should be home soon.

  • Hi Barrie,
    it seems you had a lot going on in your life. But I think things like this happen and we have to set priorities. I think taking care of your parents is important. Taking it as an opportunity to reset is good. Life is going on and often we see what happen was for a reason. You have good tips.
    Thank you

  • focus is absolutely essential to run an online business. You’ve really put the mirror in front of us, Barrie, and forced us to see ourselves when we get off track, sidetracked, distracted… that’s when we have to take a step back, as you point out, take a deep breath and regain our purpose and focus. that’s the only way to succeed in anything in life, especially online business because the internet seems to be built for meandering, doesn’t it?

  • Hi BArrie,
    I think I can able to manage it with the help of your article. Because I loose my focus immediately, lets suppose i got the notification in my phone then i take and lost into hours of playing with it. I know it is bad habit but i need to change it,

  • hEY bARRIE!
    I like the idea of resetting. I guess I do that at times but did not realise that was what i was doing.
    Every few weeks or so I sit and go through where I am at and where I need to be.
    I enjoyed this post very much.
    As always, I love your work 🙂

  • Hey barrie, I have moments of confusition and distraction. I reset sometimes two times a day. i used to get annoyed but there are days I think it is by design to help me realize if i am on the right track. To stop and think about why isn’t this fitting together like a puzzle piece what is the real message here. Thanks for further insight on this topic

  • When you do not work in a traditional office it can be very easy to lose focus. Of course, with regular interruptions at a traditional office this too can be an easy place to lose focus. I find that allowing myself some breaks to get up, stretch my legs, do a quick meditation and similar activities really helps me to stay focused throughout the day.

  • Hi Barrie,

    When working online it is really common that people lose focus. sometimes because they are tired or sometimes that they be busy talking on social networks.

    There are various interruptions.

    I appreciate that how you are supporting your parents.

    You have nicely mentioned how to get the focus back.

    I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sona Mathews recently posted…How I Make $800 Day by Working Less than 4 HoursMy Profile

  • nice blog very helpful


  • Hi,

    Great post,
    Recently I have been feeling restless and de-focused as I’m not being able to convert traffics for my website. Feeling frustrated, I stopped work for few days searching for motivational tips & articles and luckily I got the opportunity to read your article. It proved fruitful to me.
    Thanks a lot.

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