A mistake made is naturalWelcome to part 5 of 10 on the principles that Einstein based his life on.

It’s a well known fact that we all make mistakes, but are you prepared to actually make mistakes in order to move forward in your business and life?

Einstein said “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

People make mistakes all the time, but we hate to do that don’t we? Making a mistake leads to one emotion that we all want to avoid – FEAR! If we are to move forward and make the best life and business we can, then it’s inevitable that we make mistakes at some time in the process of living and working. How we deal with it makes us stand apart.

Making Mistakes Is Natural So Accept It.

Anyone who has ambition needs to find ways to help that ambition come to fruition. If you’re prepared to try something imaginative and new, you must be prepared to find out if that works or if it was a mistake.

If you believe that you need to be “safe”, then how will you ever know if your idea is a real game changer, or whether it’s close to being so and needs a little “tweak”, or whether it’s just not worth the effort.

Top business people look for innovators as well as being innovators themselves. They can only find an innovative idea by trying it out and making mistakes to learn from them.

Marketing is no different. You may have a great idea that in theory could be just the thing you need. If you don’t try it out and learn, how are you ever going to know if it will work?

I’ll bet if you told someone who is an innovator about your idea, they would have no hesitation in trying it out. How many would give you the praise for the idea? If it needed a tweak or two, I would wager there would be very few of them.

If, however, you were to try out this idea and then seek the advice of someone showing and publishing your findings, I would bet that you would get a lot of the credit. Assuming that the idea worked of course.

Finding out whether your “innovation” is a real asset or a red herring can be scary, but you need to “take the plunge” and do it. It’s likely you will make mistakes along the way, so be prepared and test, learn, test again and learn. You will have your answer very quickly.

You must accept that being an innovator of new ideas comes with making mistakes. It’s part of the territory and you really need to know it’s completely natural to make mistakes AND feel pretty stupid along the way. Don’t let it stop you!

Making Mistakes Builds Experience.

My experience in the field of music and a little song writing is where I got through some of the feelings of acceptance there will be mistakes made. Any musician, writer or composer can have the feelings of trepidation if they let it happen. It’s all down to belief in the end, just like it is with your business and your own ambition and goal getting.

Having written a piece of music, it needs to be performed. The only way you know it works and people like your work is to get it performed. When it’s well received, you feel great. If it doesn’t, you know you have to change something or throw it out. If you merely fluff something in the process it sticks out and you have a chance to change this to make it better, more especially if the overall reaction is good. The ONLY way you know is by performance and reaction of the audience.

Harmonies sometimes don’t work as well. They may sound ok initially, but a small change could make all the difference. With the tools available these days, it’s far easier to be able to hear these harmonies before it’s put in front of an audience.

This tends not to happen with well known composers who have built up a reputation, but they had to start with the help of friends and others who helped them to make sure their music was basically good and had true potential to be what they “heard” in their mind when writing it.

The same applies to writing a blog or any other form of content to share your message. You will improve as you do more of it and you will make mistakes along the way. How will you know if you don’t do it?

Answer – You WON’T.

Be prepared to make mistakes. If you need help by getting some mentoring or help from a friend or colleague depending on what you are doing, then get it. Making mistakes is a part of the process of success. Go forward, make more mistakes and be successful!

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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