post imagesWhen writing a blog post, you should take every advantage to get a link to your capture page or offer. One thing that a lot of people forget is the link from the post images on their blog. This is a key pointer to creating another means of linking to your capture page because otherwise the click on the image will only send your visitor to a larger version of the image.

The Post Images In Your Articles Is Another Opportunity For Your Keyword Too!

Your post images should also have your keyword in the “alt” tag. There is a table that appears when you upload an image into your posts. The boxes include the name of the image, which you should use to have a relevant name to your post theme, plus your main keyword entered into the “Alt” field of the table. If you have more than one image, you should have different versions of your keyword as an Alt tag because you don’t want to be penalized for “keyword stuffing” in your content.

This video will show you how to do this:

Take Full Advantage Of The Post Images

link post imageTaking full advantage of the opportunities that your post images offer for SEO and getting more clicks to your capture page is always in front of you. Every post gives you the opportunity to present several means of collecting a potential prospects information. You should have a capture form, another link to capture pages plus details of how to connect with you. Each image you use gives the opportunity to add another link to one (or more) of your capture pages to your offers or sign ups to your newsletter.

The more advantage you take to link to your capture pages, the better and using your post images is another useful way to do just that.

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Barrie Evans