Networking eventsOne of the best ways to build good relationships and find new prospects is by going to networking events. When you go to a networking club event for the first time you will see that you will have the opportunity to tell the others attending about you and your business. Another good thing is that you will be talking to generally like minded people in the business community all looking to develop relationships and grow their own business.

One thing to consider when you go to a networking event, you should think of everyone as a prospective business partner, whether or not they join your business. What you need to do is find out what problems these new friends have and show them you have a solution that will help them overcome the problem they think they have. Tell everyone what you do and show your enthusiasm and passion for what you believe in. It’s a good idea when you get to know more to share your experiences and results to improve your credibility and attract more people to you. Wouldn’t it be great if you can get those who attend the events to look forward to seeing you because you have helped them and then they introduce you to more people who have come to get to know you more? DO you think some of these people will buy your products or join you in your business, or, if not join you, refer you to someone who is interested in what you do?

Here are a few tips to help you get the best from this:

1. Go to Targeted Events:

Find out about local networking clubs. You can do this by searching online or by asking your local chamber of commerce. When you have found some clubs that hole events locally, go along to find out more about them and get used to the way they work. Then make sure you attend these events regularly. When you find out the meeting times, schedule them into your routine for the year. To get the best out of any networking you should attend regularly and be consistent in your effort to build relationships over time. This is not a “quick fix”. A lot of people may be thinking about what you have to offer, so remind everyone of what you do and the results you get and constantly update them. This is the way the curiosity grows into “I need to be working with this person” and they will join you or seek advice from you that you can charge a consultation fee for or simply refer someone else to you.

 2. Get Business Cards:

A Many people think that the networking club is a great opportunity to pass out business cards to promote their own business. You will see these people dashing around from table to table with a box of cards handing them out to other people all over the room.

A much more effective – and enjoyable – approach to networking is to ask other people for their cards. Business cards are connections to people, and networking is about building relationships. If you end up with 5 cards from people you really connected with, you are better off than handing your card to 20 people who probably threw it away anyway.

 3. Make an Impact:

When you get your 30 seconds or whatever short time you have to talk about your business, make the best of it. Plan what you are going to say and SAY it. Don’t be afraid to make a big impact. Develop a unique marketing message that explains the solutions you offer to your target audience. Remember the golden rule that everyone is a potential prospect. Don’t ever assume anything else and prejudge.

 4. Take Notes:

When you return to your table or during the next break, write a note on the back of the business cards you just collected to remind you about the conversation. This will help you remember more about the person later.

 5. Follow Up:

Networking contactsMake sure to send people you met a friendly e-mail. You can use the notes on the back of their business cards to add a personal touch to each e-mail you send. If appropriate, a phone call or a hand-written note is even more personal. Then, continue to keep in touch in the future building the relationship. One important thing is not to keep on about your business. If you find out what the person wants, help them by providing valuable solutions to their problems. Position yourself as a leader in their eyes and this will enhance your reputation and give you more chance of getting them to sign up to your business.


Networking events can be an amazing addition to your marketing repertoire. Make sure you are leveraging them to their FULL potential. By following the tips above, it is likely you will fill your contact database with amazing people, and you’ll be astounded by the added impact these powerful relationships will bring you.

Go Get Networking.


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Barrie Evans

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