lifestyle choicesThere are so many of us who have struggled at some time in our lives, some who are still struggling. Even though things may be difficult, we can make lifestyle choices that will set our mind into a better position and help us progress in life and business.

This may be something you have seen or heard before, but it’s always useful to keep it in mind:

Ask as if and go as though…………….

(Ask as if you expect to have what you want and go as though you already have it!)

This sets your mind towards more abundance and more positive thoughts, ensuring you are in a better place to work and make progress.

How Can I Change My Lifestyle Choices To Feel Better?

Even if you have little in material and monetary things, it’s important for you to act as though you don’t have this lack in your life. It doesn’t matter how LITTLE you think you have, set aside SOMETHING so that you can still have something special. If this is just a simple meal of a burger and shared fries, make it a SPECIAL occasion for you and FEEL that it’s a luxury. You will then set your mind in the “luxury” table.

If you like going to theatre or live shows, then don’t go around thinking “I can’t afford it” because that will block you. You don’t have to go to the top shows to enjoy theatre. There are hundreds of things all over the country that you could go to and enjoy. The importance is how special you make it.

These little things will improve your lifestyle choices and improve your life and your business too!

Lifestyle Choices Are A State Of Mind

Putting yourself in the state of mind of enjoyment and building a lifestyle when you don’t have as much as you would like will set you up for when you DO have more money. Your lifestyle will not change too much in thought and experience, but the level of quality will be evident. The mindset you create will improve your life and your business.

Open your eyes to what’s around you and believe things are not so bad. As with everything, it’s decision to change and look forward instead of wallowing in lack and self pity. Local events can be just as enjoyable as big national ones that cost so much more. It’s how you treat the experience that is key.

Go out and make the lifestyle choices you want and treat every special thing you do as a luxury you CAN afford and your life and business will change for the better.

To the future,

Barrie Evans