Information OverloadIf you are new to online marketing and internet business, it’s possible that you finding it hard managing information overload that is around these days. If you look around in your particular niche, you can find many experts who can mentor you and help you to learn more quickly and help you to get the most valuable information relevant to you and save you a bundle of time and effort. Learn as much as you can from them and tell them what you are doing, not what are going to do. That way you will get the best advice and be able to shorten your learning curve and get success faster. My mentor always wants to know what I’m doing so that it’s possible help to correct any mistakes or help me to tweak things to make them better.

Develop A Daily Routine

Get your marketing and daily schedule properly organized so that you can drive the traffic to your site and be able to make money regularly and build you email lists to help you to develop relationships and market to your new prospects. Organizing your time will help you to avoid being lost in the “super highway” that is the internet and enable you to get the proper branding you need. If you are in network marketing, the most important branding is YOU, otherwise it’s branding of your particular product. Don’t think that by just putting up a website you can get more leads, you need to learn from your mentor what is required to get the traffic to be able to nurture your success to greater levels. In order to develop leads / customers you need to be consistent and adopt your daily routine. If you have a low budget and need to save money, make sure you get your mentor to go through the procedures to market online for free. When you start making some money, it’s important that you put together an advertising budget to help you develop further and more quickly.

Track Your Results

Whatever your advertising method, free or paid, the most important thing you need to do is to track your ads. That way you can find out what works and what doesn’t. Then you can change the ads that don’t work, keep the ones that do and tweak the ones that work a little so that nothing is wasted. Your mentor should be able to point you in the right direction with all of this.

Take Notes

Information Overload Take NotesMake sure that you always take notes and take action to adopt what you are taught by your mentor. This will help you to improve as a marketer and also improve your skill to mentor your team members. You will be able to provide the same great training that you have received that helped you to succeed and therefore attract more people to you. Sharing what you know and providing value will increase your popularity and make people want to know more about you. Help everyone to prosper and develop just like you have done and your business will be the cornerstone of a wonderful future.

Effective mentoring will help you to gain in confidence and develop into a great leader in your organisation. This will then enable you to be able to mentor others by adopting what you have learned and sharing it with your team members so that their business can grow, which helps your business to grow.

Share Your Results Openly

Don’t be afraid to tell others that you are doing well. What you have learned from you mentor that has led to your success will encourage others to come to you to help them to succeed. Show your results and PROVE that you can help those around you who have the problems you have now got the solutions for. Having been mentored by an expert and then prospering from that, become a mentor yourself and share your new skills and help others around you.

Be Confident In Your Ability

Present yourself with confidence and be positive. The right mindset will boost your success too. Share what you know and share your success. Show others that you have been successful in building your business from scratch with little or no money, but remember to do this honestly and show proof. People don’t like hype and lies. Be truthful and share success, however small. That way you will enhance your credibility and get more business.


You can promote your business both online and offline. Offline you can distribute business cards, send out flyers and generally advertise your skill to anybody, anywhere you want. Let everyone know you started on a small budget and have made a success and that you can help those who are interested to do the same. Your mentor can help you develop the online skill to do the same bu adoping all the methods available to you. Develop social networking skills and building relationships. Provide value in the marketplace and prepare to be successful.

Mentor and StudentYour mentor can help you to sow the seeds, but you need to cultivate the crop.

I have always been told these three powerful words that you need to do in this order:

Read, Learn, DO


Barrie Evans

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