marketing made easyMarketing made easy! Yes, essentially marketing is easy! It’s as difficult as you want it to be and it can be assessed in two very simple phrases:

  1. Marketing is preparing someone to make a purchase
  2. Marketing is preparing someone to do something!

Marketing Made Easy – It’s surprising what you already know

But I don’t know anything I hear you say. Do you have children? How many times have you said to them that perhaps you could all go to the Zoo on the weekend, but the house and their rooms will need to be tidy and clean? Does this get them to clean and tidy their room so that they can go? It did with mine, so I suppose it’s likely it did with yours too.

So you don’t have kids yet – have you ever said to a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife that you would love to get something or other, BUT we need to do so and so to achieve that and so the thing gets done (you get the idea)?

Very simple MARKETING!

If you think about what you ALREADY know, then there is no excuse to say “I don’t know how to do that” or “Me a marketer? You’re having a laugh!”

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Marketing Made Easy – considering what you already do, what next?

So you are scared of getting into it. This is natural as a lot of people are governed by FEAR! Fear is one of the biggest hurdles for anyone who is trying to get a home business going. Marketing is a big fear factor; I know it was for me. Why is that? It’s simply because we believe it has to be hard and therefore we put so much into it that we make it hard.

Considering that you need an offer – something that solves a particular person’s problem. The simple things that solve a person’s problems are the things that sell or that gets the person’s information so you can communicate and market to them regularly.

One of the simplest and most popular examples of this is when someone wants to fix a picture on a wall. What they need is a hole, yet the wall is stone and too hard to penetrate with a simple screw or nail. That’s where a drill comes in. The solution to the problem, i.e. putting a hole in the wall to fix the picture is getting a drill to do it for you – problem SOLVED. Marketing made easy!

Internet marketing is run on the same principle. Offer a solution to the problem a person in your target market has and you get their information or a sale of a particular product you have that is the solution they are looking for. Because of the number of ways available to us these days on the internet, for example Social Media, your product or service could be made available to those who require it more easily with some simple strategies that you can learn. There are so many courses available and with services like Fiverr, there are ways to get you message out there quite cheaply too.

Marketing is about leverage too- You are able to leverage someone else’s skills! You have a business presentation right? If it’s available online as a video, then all you need to do is to send people to that presentation and simply follow up with them later.

Marketing made easy is the way to look at things. When marketing is kept easy and simple to understand the complications are dismissed. Think of a problem that people need a solution for, stick to a simple and effective message that offers the solution and reap the rewards.

To the future

Barrie Evans