what is your meaning of abundanceWhen we talk of the meaning of abundance, it can have so many connotations. There are those who think being abundant is having lots of money. Abundance to me is much more than that. You can be abundant in love, abundant in life’s blessings as well as abundant with material things.

Being abundant is all about being happy with who you are too. Many of us crave more riches, but riches bring their own levels of stress and pressure. Being abundant in more than money is vital for our well being in my opinion. Why? Because the feeling of abundance MATTERS!

Abundance Means More

Of course abundance means more, but more of what exactly? Life’s treasure is love. When you’re abundant in love, you have a “warm” feeling that is hard to describe. Having that feeling brings more to you because you get “in the zone” and more likely to receive it. When you GIVE that same feeling out you will get more back. It’s just the way it works. When you give love to a pet like a dog or a cat, they give you love back by the bucketful don’t they?

These feelings can be transformed into our business life too. Loving what you do can be seen as an extension of that feeling of having what you want. Of course, the business doesn’t fulfil every need until it becomes successful, and that is your job. Answer me this – do you feel it easier to motivate yourself to take inspired action when you feel good, or when you’re under pressure?

I know when I take my best forms of action.

Receiving Abundance Into Your Life

It’s my belief that you must be prepared to accept that abundance comes in many forms. When you do this, you are more inclined to be able to receive more. If you believe that abundance is having more money, that’s fine, but to receive you must be in a place where you are feeling abundant enough to give something away.

It doesn’t have be a lot, but a little here and there will mean you feel as though you have more than enough. It can be giving a little larger tip, putting a little more into the collection tins for charity. You could, as we do in the UK, give some of your older clothing to the local charity shops to help them in their efforts to build funds. In all these ways you can be seen to be helping someone who has a need that may be greater than your own.

With the news seemingly being full of messages of killing, hatred and violence, there is so much to be said for the abundance of love. Love as they say conquers all. People all over the world give love. In fact, it’s the vast majority of receive abundance of fear or happinesspeople who do this. It’s the distinct minority who preach hatred and cause the news to be full of the debilitating series of events all over the world. It is much easier to receive hatred if you program yourself to react to it. By giving of more love, you receive the abundance of that magical feeling more and more.

Being happy in your own skin is important. Your life, your business will benefit from it. Having abundance of anything and accepting it into your life helps with all of this. This happiness will help you to be more productive and ready to receive the abundance you deserve. The way to be successful is to take massive action doing what you’re happy with.

Coming from a place of fear or stress, which you can also be abundant in, will jeopardize your progress. Be prepared to receive good things because you give out good things and your happiness flourishes, take the fear and stress route and it dies, making you miserable.

Make your choice based on what you take as the meaning of abundance. Are you going to accept happiness and drive on from there, or are you going to have the opinion that is “woo woo” and perhaps remain in the state of fear or stress you already find yourself in?

To the future

Barrie Evans

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