mlspBeing from the UK, I was one time sceptical about anything American that was based around Internet Marketing. We Brits tend to have a different attitude to a lot of things and I sort of “went with the crowd”. When I was first introduced to MLSP I saw the program as something that was too overwhelming and complicated for me to understand. What I didn’t do was look at My Lead System Pro as a tool to help me to generate a brand and a presence online. I was blinkered and didn’t see beyond what I thought would be the extravagance of how some American organizations were perceived. How wrong I was. Having met some wonderful people through MLSP and learned so much, it’s all down to great teamwork and the whole community that is truly a worldwide thing.

Why MLSP For Me….

The worldwide community is key. We have a growing number of people who are joining MLSP in the UK and it’s a great credit to the leaders at My Lead System Pro that we now have a time specific webinar for those of us in Europe and UK. It’s the Monday Freedom Webinar and takes place at 8pm UK time every week. It’s free for anyone who wants to come along to check out what MLSP is all about as well as getting some great training.

The training and new member hangouts / webinars are weekly and there is so much great value in the whole process you cannot fail to learn. The biggest problem is overwhelm if anything, but being sure to take the start-up training and FOLLOW the instructions, you can become a better marketer and find the way to change your business and your life.

What Does MLSP Offer The Network Marketer?

My Lead System Pro has several online marketing methods that you can be trained in. The training is thorough and has everything you will need to become an expert in your chosen marketing method. Because there is so much information it will be easy to get lost in that information. The most important thing to do is to focus on ONE marketing method and get good at it. The top leaders within MLSP have made some great products that include Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing and much more.

These affiliate products will allow you to get commissions depending on what level you join MLSP at. You will be able to earn commission from sign ups every month residually at the lowest level of Academy. Even as a new member you can use the system tools and capture pages as your own and start to promote these products to use to make another income that you can put towards advertising and promoting your primary MLM business.

I believe that MLSP is a network marketer’s dream because when somebody fills out an opt in to your affiliate offer, they are introduced to you and your primary business too. This gives more exposure to you and your business. Using the system and providing great value to your leads will lead to more trust and they will follow you more closely. Should they be unhappy with their current company or looking for a new one, the exposure to your opportunity will remain fresh in their minds.

MLSP is one of the best systems I know and can help you to build your business and create a great brand for you that will attract people to you. Weekly webinars and training that is all included in the package along with a free autoresponder for new members in addition to all the other great training creates a massive bonus to those just starting out.

My Lead System Pro is now I believe the most comprehensive system that can help network marketers from anywhere in the world to build great businesses and develop a big online presence that will mean they will be around for a long time. Even though I was initially overwhelmed and sceptical, MLSP has helped me to develop my skills and helped me to focus on the right method for me. I urge any network marketer who wants to learn to market online the right way and give themselves the opportunity to get involved with the top marketers in the world today to at least take a look at it.

MLSP works for me and hundreds, if not thousands of others so it can work for you too. Check out the 3 day trial for less than a cup of coffee. It’s worth that just to see if there is a “fit” for you.

To The Future

Barrie Evans