money is shortOne of the things that I have heard conversations about recently especially with the financial situation as it is, tends to be about the subject money is short. One conversation I happened to hear was when I was in the doctor’s waiting room where two gentlemen were talking about people who were buying extravagant things and questioning why it is being said that money is short.

Money Is Short, Depends Where You Are

We all know that there are claims that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This is an unfortunate thing and tends to go in “areas”. There are areas where there appears to be a lot more abundance than others, even in the same town. It’s our job to help to change this and to help change people’s attitudes. How many people do you know who says that a friend is very successful and has been very lucky? Is this true or is the person successful because he has worked for it or indeed has been “lucky”?

The lack mindset is evident in the areas that appear to be depressed. The conversation I overheard actually went through the opinion that there is more money about than we are being told about. They spoke about seeing more high value, top of the range cars being sold and the demand meaning there is a shortage and so much for people saying money is short. Question is, have the people buying these top of the range models borrowed money or do they indeed have the money to afford this extravagance? The conversation also included that this trend was noticeable in particular areas.

Money Is Short – How Can WE Change This?

As home business owners, we have a money making opportunity and the tools at our fingertips to help people to break free from lack. There is no excuse why we are not in a position to be able to help those with the right attitude and ambition to make a full time income using the internet and giving them more freedom and opportunities to become truly wealthy. The internet is everywhere, not restricted to particular areas and we, as the leaders in the industry, are charged with getting into people’s minds and make a difference.

Industry has diminished and we are in a new era, but the education system still programs us to “go get a job and work hard”. Nowhere is there a scheme to develop entrepreneurs and develop the skills that are required to get ahead away from what is becoming a very old fashioned “system”.

The money you want is in the pockets of other people. People are being more careful, but they are willing to spend their money when they see the right value with the right opportunity for them. It’s our job to help them to find what they are looking for and they will willingly give us money for valuable products that will help them to achieve what they want to achieve. Give them our help and encourage them to their own success and they will give us more. Help those who just talk about a friend who has been “lucky” and maybe a little envious of that friend to change their thinking and make a success for themselves.

Give of yourself – What You Give Away You Get To Keep!

Money is short and yet people still spend. Money is short and great value with benefits to the people still encourages them to spend. Money is short and yet are we doing all we can to help them spend it on their future with us and helping those who want to change their lives to do just that? I know what I’m doing, what about you?

To the future

Barrie Evans