Impatience kills youTo say that impatience will kill you may be a little extreme, but it can certainly damage your dreams. After all, life is so fast these days and so many people want things straight away. This is obviously not about everyone, but how many people do you know who want things to happen quickly? It’s all about NOW with a lot of people. I know that I’ve been guilty of impatience and this has damaged my progress.

Impatience Is The Realm Of The Scammer

Now, when I talk about scammer, I don’t mean an honest person trying to make a living in network marketing or the good companies who are falsely labelled as scams. What I’m talking about are the fraudsters who prey on the impatience and greed of people who are looking to “get rich quick”.

The notorious African scam, which was publicized a lot a few years ago, which includes people with a very bad reputation and who have preyed on the greed of people by offering fantastic amounts of money as “executors” to wills that don’t exist. Impatience and greed have seen millionaires lose their fortunes and many other people who have been caught in the trap. The main problem is that most of these scammers have done this as a job and fraud is so rife that they believe they are doing something legitimate and they don’t know any better. It’s a way of life!

Impatience Is The Weakness We All Battle Against

Impatience is a weakness that we all need to be aware of so we can counteract the effects of it. A lot of people get “sucked in” by hype and ridiculous claims of” instant riches” if you follow a certain program.  This is the realm of the unethical marketer who is after making as much money as possible as quickly as possible and targets the impatience to make money quickly.

All of the best and most ethical marketers know that the claims are ridiculous. The systems offered may work, BUT it’s unlikely it will be the same for EVERYONE! This is how things get a bad reputation. Promises of quick riches lead to the impatient complaining and giving EVERYTHING in the section of the industry a bad name. It’s not the companies; it’s the false promises that are the root cause. After all, if the business didn’t work, then NOBODY would make money.

It’s time to sit back and take your time. Take time and do the daily small tasks that grow to a positive action towards a successful conclusion. Being impatient and having to have the new thing NOW can be detrimental to your outcome. Do the small tasks that will get what you want WITHOUT the panic of borrowing money and getting into debt, or seeing your impatience lead to a big mistake!

More haste, less speed is an old saying that has a meaning that we should all take a note of. Trying to have things NOW when we can’t afford them is not a good thing. Why? Because we can jeopardise our future by being impatient. Impatience leads to greed, which leads to more mistakes.

Take things slowly and steadily in life and in your business. Patience is the key to success and steady consistent action with the daily tasks. Impatience is something to be avoided because it can destroy your dreams.

To the future

Barrie Evans