multiple streams of incomeAll of us in business look for multiple streams of income because this is the way to get wealthy. Point is, when you can look for, find and put in place several potential ways to earn money, unless you have the skills to be able to take advantage of this, are you really going to benefit from them? Simple question, you have these several streams of income, but are you earning from ANY of them?

Skills Come First, Then Multiple Streams Of Income Makes Total Sense.

The most important thing for any of us is to overcome the “shiny object” syndrome. We could get involved in launch after launch of a new product or opportunity but still NOT generate income at all. We spread ourselves too thinly chasing the “shiny object” instead of working on the skills we need to get the leads we need to generate the income we desire. The SKILLS are the foundation of the business and building a responsive list is the ultimate objective.

When we have a list that is responsive and buys then we have an opportunity to share great products with them and then help to train them to do what we do. Without a responsive list of eager people who follow us and buy the things we recommend, we can get into programs that will COST us and we will have NOTHING to show for it except more expense. Multiple streams of income will become multiple places of expense instead.

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Work Towards Multiple Streams Of Income When The Time Is Right.

multiple income streamsIn my experience, because I’ve been guilty of the “shiny object” syndrome in the past, it’s always best to find a solid business that is likely to stay for a long time and then learn the skills to get leads and promote the right way first! Make a success of this opportunity and build your list and build your authority and multiple streams of income will become a natural progression.

This means that you keep your overheads down and your focus is going to be on the ONE thing you need to have your focus on to become successful. The foundation of your business HAS to be built on solid principles and skills that can benefit you. When you get into each and every opportunity that has been recommended by people who you may be working with, it doesn’t mean that it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Yes, a launch CAN be a way to have a short term, but significant boost to your income, but what about the future? Do you have to following that will enable you to bring people in to get that boost?

The right mindset should be based on what you can earn rather than what it will cost you. This is the ONLY way to think to be successful. It does depend on the responsiveness of your list and your skill to connect with the right type of people.

The reality is to know your limitations instead of simply jumping in feet first without knowing what your limits are. I was offered a chance to participate in a business launch and got into the initial pre-launch situation. I hoped to learn so much from this at the time working with the great people who were participating in the group. I had a list, but the list wasn’t responsive and didn’t buy, so I had to make a decision. I had a small family situation that required attention and so I had to leave the opportunity because I would have been stretched by paying to join this new program and yet would not have made anything. This wasn’t the RIGHT time for me.

I needed to work on my list and getting people who were willing to work with me and are responsive to my recommendations. The opportunity hasn’t gone away and I can still join. So I missed out on some bonuses and the start up cost offer, but I didn’t get stretched and subsequently worry because of a bad decision at the time. I’m not in any way negative, just realistic to any situation you ALLOW yourself to get into when you have a lot going on and the time you need to do the work required isn’t available to you. I knew I needed to work on my list and then participating in launches and getting a boost to my income would be something that I wouldn’t hesitate to take part in because it’s another way to HELP people to get the success they all deserve.

We will ALL benefit from multiple streams of income eventually, but to keep setting up these streams without making progress and actually EARNING anything is more than a bit pointless. Skills and results FIRST, more and more programs will follow naturally.

To the future,

Barrie Evans