Never give up on your dreamsOne thing that always stays with me, even in the hardest of times is never give up! There is only one absolutely CERTAIN way to fail, which is giving up on your dreams and ambitions because you have limiting beliefs. You must remember that YOU are responsible for your actions and your goals. A dream is only a dream if you don’t take action to achieve it. Limit yourself or listen to others limit you and you will never know what is possible.

I could say that quitting is the “easy way out”. Perhaps it is and you will no doubt have your own opinion on this. I can speak from experience about giving up, even though I have since started doing what I gave up many years ago.

This is not based on a business, but it can be.

The reason I am so passionate about the phrase “never give up” is because 20 years ago I actually DID give up on something. Something that was a big part of my life, but also something that I loved to do. Yes, I was disillusioned and perhaps a little “practical” in my thinking. What I did was to give up on music to concentrate on the business and work that I had no passion for and no real drive to move forward.

Never Give Up Your Passion

The business I was running was one that my father started. I suppose it was a sense of duty in a way to try to keep it going. I was actually good at the job, mostly because of my attitude to do the best I possibly can no matter what I do.

Quitting the music was something that, based on my thoughts now, was based on the disillusionment for sure and the fact that I had just been “paid off” for the first time in over 20 years. There was a non suppressed electric pump that caused one of my keyboards to change key randomly on its own when the motor was operating. I was heavily criticized for not being able to play and the fact that the performance was so poor. I had previously been to that venue to play and never had a problem. It was a new proprietor in the venue and the pump had only been installed a few days before.

Of course, it wasn’t my fault and because I played everything and didn’t use backing tapes or similar things, it threw me and affected me quite badly. Because of this and a couple of other things happening around me, I made the decision to stop playing for a while. That went on for 17 years.

My music left me. I was empty, but I didn’t realize just how empty until I started to go to choir again having been asked to join. Things then spiralled and I got back into doing what I love.

Thing is I could have made a living with the music and gave up on the job I hated, but I made the wrong choices. Not quitting music would have been the best option for me, but I did what I thought was right. Music feeds my soul and it feeds my passion and focus. I love to be creative with music and in the work I now do. I lost my “mojo” and yet I now have it back.

Never Quit And Then Say Could Have, Should Have, Would Have…

Quitting? Never. It\'s not an optionIt’s only since that mad time I realized that to never give up on what you love to do is the most important thing. I should have done something in music, could have done something and would have if I thought about it. The point is, I didn’t and I had to suffer the consequences by being so unhappy. It affected so many things in my life because I had lost a major thing that made me who I was and helped to keep me focused.

I carried on with the business that I had no enthusiasm for and lost it. I got into bad business with someone and ended up bankrupt! I was about as low as anyone can go without being dead! I thought about music again, but didn’t get back into it straight away. I was asked by someone to join a choir, which I did. Then I started to work on myself because I realized more than ever that it was ME that didn’t do what I WANTED to do in my life. It was nobody’s fault. I had made bad decisions. I was working on a way forward for me.

My business had suffered. My mindset was not good and I can only say it was because I had nothing to fulfil me and enthuse me as music does. The choir was the start.

Now I sing in 3 choirs, have singing lessons, I regularly play piano for a different choir and have so much fun. Last year I played a multi manual church organ for the first time in over 30 years and I used to play at a pretty high standard. The good thing is, the talent doesn’t go away and neither does the passion. It takes practice to play well again and the desire to play well burns inside so practice is a joy in itself.

Never give up on your dreams. Formulate a plan and prepare to fail along the way. You learn from mistakes and my mistake was a big one in my life. My focus is so much better now I have my “rhythm” back and the benefit to my own well being is evident. Quitting is an option, but it’s not a good one if you want to achieve. Too many people give up and are never satisfied with their lot. Don’t be like me and give up on what you love to do, even if it’s something you do outside work because it keeps you going. This is even more important if it’s your own business and you love what you do. There are always solutions to problems and quitting is really not the best one if you want to have a fulfilling life.

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Blog Carnival

The one thing my experience has taught me is this:

Never Give Up On A Good Thing!