don't look backThere are things that I regret and things I know I shouldn’t have done. Yes, it’s important to learn from the mistakes in business, but now I have made a decision, I know where I went wrong and I understand why it’s vital I don’t look back. I have made my choice of marketing method and now I am focused and determined to make it work!

Found Your Fit – Don’t Look Back!

There are differing ideas with so many things in marketing. Having tried most things I know that spreading yourself too thin and doing too much at any one time is NOT the way to do it. Whatever happens, make your choice and don’t look back until you have completed at least 90 days of action with your chosen method. I have heard said that you should do this for AT LEAST 90 days, perhaps 100 days because you could miss a couple of days in the consecutive 90.

I believe that consistent action is required, but also you need to have patience because NOTHING is sure, no matter what some people may tell you that they can help you to earn ridiculous money in a very short time. All the top marketers say that this stuff is nonsense in their opinion. Remember if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is! Find out YOUR method, don’t look back and then go forward with focus and determination.

Don’t Look Back Because There’s No Point!

I remember years ago someone said to me that the future is linked to the past. In some ways that may be true, but it’s all according to your attitude and what changes you’ve made in your life to improve the future. When you make the decision to change don’t look back to the past and let all the bad stuff back in.

In my experience it has taken so much time to get the things that were holding me back under wraps and make sure that I deal with them. Had I kept on “looking over my shoulder” at the past I believe there would be no progress. There is no reason to believe that the future is linked to the past in any way as long as you have learned from your mistakes and made the changes to focus properly on your business and change your life.

There is NO point in looking back UNLESS it’s to remember the positive change you have made and how that change is improving your life. The only person who can make these changes is YOU. You can be supported by friends and family and also boost your focus to the positive action you’re taking for your business and this will be the best thing for you.

Make the change and don’t look back. Looking back can reignite negativity and there is no benefit in that. Your business needs your positive focus for the future success you want and your team members require your focus and determination to support both them and you to a better future. There is no reason for you to do it so don’t look back!

To the future

Barrie Evans