marketing strategiesIf you’re new to online marketing and have just decided to try to get more leads and customers / signups for your business you need to work out which of several marketing strategies is the best for you. Because of all the types there are, this can lead to overwhelm and many of us get stuck and then the business falters.

Some of us will go back to what we have already been taught and, because there is little to no success, will give up on their dreams and go back to the life they are used to. This is possibly the case with up to 90% of people who take up the mantle to expand out into the online world.

As with every other form of marketing it requires consistency and daily planning to reach your goals.

What Are The Typical Marketing Strategies?

When online, there are several ways to market. There is paid advertising in the way of PPC (pay per click), Social media, blogging (content marketing), video marketing, article marketing and SEO (Search engine optimization) just to name the most popular.

Paid marketing will almost always lead to faster results, but this is only feasible if you have a budget to do this. You can use paid marketing to send prospects to your offers and capture pages (these are pages that show you the offer and collect the person’s email so you can communicate with them regularly). There are many places where you can use PPC, but the most popular are Google Adwords and Facebook PPC.

If you don’t know how to do these things properly they can cost you a lot of money and therefore you will need to get training in order to do this yourself. Another form of paid advertising is solo ads, which are emails sent out to someone else’s list with your offer. Again, they are sent to a capture page so they can join your list too. This type of ad doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive and results can vary. If you can test these lists and afford to do this, it’s possible to see where the best leads come from and keep the best providers to try again.

The other ways can be used for free. This means leveraging your time instead of your money until you can start to earn something in order to develop a budget to use paid advertising.

What Would Be The Best Marketing Strategies For Me?

That will depend on your level of expertise. The best advice for a newbie is to find a strategy that you are passionate about and learn all you can about that one. Implement what you learn on a daily basis until you get good at it! You will see results if you’re consistent, but you really need to do this for at least 90 days to give it a chance.

For those of you who are good on social media, especially Facebook, there are proven methods to grow a business using marketing strategies that are designed for Facebook. Similarly it’s possible to use Twitter, Google plus and Linked in to generate leads.

If you’re comfortable you can use You Tube and share what you learn from your training on video. This won’t be for everyone, but You Tube is just as massive as social media and a great way to generate business as long as you do it the right way. For those of you who would find this too far outside your comfort zone, then it’s better to do something you are comfortable with until you are more confident.

When you have mastered your choice, or are getting great results and feel confident enough to branch out into adopting another strategy so your business will grow even more. Work on your education in marketing and take action on what you learn!

The important thing to remember is that NONE of the marketing strategies I have spoken about are difficult to adopt. It’s hard work yes, but rewarding when you remain consistent and focused on your goal.

To the future

Barrie Evans