opposites attractExcuse me if this seems to be scientific, but you will see the relevance of what I’m about to explain about opposites attract and yet they can be the same. Consider a magnet – A magnet has 2 poles and they attract to each other. North is attracted to South and vice versa. When the magnetic field is altered a little then it’s possible, although not easy, for the like poles to attract rather than repel from each other.

Opposites Attract In Business Too

Consider this: the opposite of commitment is effortless and yet when you have total commitment, then your business becomes effortless, especially when you have achieved success and build a great business.

Two of the biggest barriers that we have when working from home are fear and belief. I heard something the other day that has stuck with me and I’ve had to run this through my brain a few times to totally get to grips with it. I realize now that it’s a fact:

You will find your treasure sitting next to what you hate to do.

What does this mean? Consider the thing you hate to do the most. The very thing you are trying to do is sitting next to that thing you hate to do. Yet, if you switch to the opposite thing to what you hate, you can tweak this and find your treasure there too. When you find the “sweet spot” you will find your treasure sitting there as well, but generally you see it next to the thing you hate most.

The concept of all this is that opposites can be the same (or extremely similar). Our Earthly polar regions are exactly opposite and yet they have arctic conditions and are very harsh places that are difficult to live in. Opposites attract even though the level of harshness may be a distance apart, essentially with the ice and snow they are the same.

Examples Of Opposites Attract….

The opposite of consistency is basically doing nothing, but we always harp on about being consistent to achieve the success we crave. What if you’re a person who has found an effective ad that you can run and have tested thoroughly and just ONE a month will give you the success you want and you’ll get your income from that so you’re able to spend so much more time with your family instead of daily blogging etc.? Opposites attract when you’re consistent in your placing of the advertisement and you test other ads to do the same thing and the “appearance” of doing nothing gives you time freedom as well as financial freedom.

What if you have done a lot of what you need to do yourself to build your business and now you outsource a lot of the work – You are still committed to your business but still don’t do anything in regard to personal consistency.

What is the thing that you avoid the most that is affecting your business so much? I’ll bet when you look at the opposite of what you’re afraid of and adapt that to find your “treasure” you will see a change. Commitment to your goal and looking for your own recipe for success is going to be what you need above everything else.

As I said earlier, commitment to your business makes it effortless when you have success. Commitment is the key and yet does the effortlessness of it make commitment and effortless the same? Opposites attract in so many parts of our business even though they may seem poles apart when you look at their actual meaning.

To the future,

Barrie Evans