Build an email listPaid or Free Advertising? Which is best to build an email list? – It’s up to you really and depends on whether you have a budget available to advertise.

Of course there are free forms of advertising everywhere you look online, but is it really effective? The first thing you need to do is to test every source you find. If you get some success you can keep on advertising at the same source, but be sure to track your clicks so that you can “weed out” the best ads and get rid of the ones that don’t work so well.

It doesn’t matter whether you pay for ads or use free ads, ultimately, to know what does or doesn’t work, you need to track the ad source and which ad is working best for you. The most important thing is to make use of the best ads all of the time and then tweak the not so good ads and test again and again until they are working better.

When looking for free ads don’t forget to look for ezines and newsletters. The main pitfall with all of these sources are that the free ads are found at the end of the page, whereas the paid sponsor ads (the cheaper option) and the top sponsor ads (the more expensive option) are found towards the top of the page giving more exposure to your ad. Before you go into the ezine ads, as with everything else, do your research and even sign up to a few to see the quality of the content. See if you can find reviews of the ezine or whether you can contact the author and get some questions to them about the readership typical “open” rates. This is useful because if you get a reply to your query, it’s likely that it could be a good place to advertise because the owner has taken time to reply. If you don’t get a reply then it’s possible that the ezine or newsletter is not so good. This is more relevant when you are in a position to go for the paid ads. After all, you want to know you are spending your money wisely don’t you?

By far the best type of paid ad is a solo ad. Why? Because YOU have control of the subject and the content directly. There are some great places to advertise, but again you need to do research and test and track your ads to find out the most effective.

The best advice I can give you if you can’t afford the paid advertising is to do your research, test the free ad sites (but don’t use FFA sites if you can help it), and whatever you earn from those sources keep a budget, no matter how small to get some paid advertising to help to build your list.

The advertising is one part and the testing is vital, but also your capture page will also require testing. Send ads to different capture pages to see which is the most effective for you, then the tests you have done while using the free ads will help when you use the paid ads.

Paid advertising is, in my experience, the best to get subscribers to your list quickly, but the free method does work even though it takes longer. You can make your own conclusions when you test and try each method.

To the future and the top

Barrie Evans

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