Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent – Persist With What You Really Want!

You’re young and you have a dream, but something puts a stop to that dream or fills you with so much doubt that you leave it alone.

It may be that you’re heading towards middle age and you have been doing something you love to do and yet are disillusioned and you give up what you’re doing even though you are really good at it. You know you should persist at it, but you are tired and have had enough!

The latter is what happened to me. In fact, to a certain extent, BOTH situations are true.

When I was a teenager, my dream was to play music for a living. I wanted to be a pianist of top quality. Yes, I know that I didn’t really work hard enough to be that, but I know that I was good enough for something. All I really needed was encouragement from my teachers to achieve all I could.

What did I get?

The music teacher, as good a teacher as he was, really didn’t help. He told me one day, when I was talking about my ambition, that I should forget it because I was not good enough and never would be because he knew of those who could play things I could only dream of when they were much younger. The worst thing was he didn’t acknowledge that I was good enough for ANYTHING!

Talk about confidence bashing! I was devastated and was also criticized by another teacher in much the same way about a different subject. I wasn’t so worried about that one because I didn’t have the same passion for it, but it still had a profound effect on me as I found out just a few years ago.

I had an organ tutor who believed in me and told me I was good enough to take a difficult exam and practical test by taking ARCO (Associate of the Royal College of Organists). I was determined to achieve this and prove these doubters wrong. I AM good enough! Mr Bate said so!

I knew I had to be persistent, but did I REALLY believe it?

It was my A level year and I was embarking on taking the exams AND doing the ARCO in the same year. 18 years old and music was my passion and my life! I passed my A level music, but didn’t get the other A level I needed to go to music college. I also failed the ARCO, by just 2 marks!

I was disappointed, but thought it would be ok for me to take the A level again in evening college and retake the ARCO soon too. I had to go to work, which meant working with my father in the electrical business. I was going to college to learn that, I was playing organ in a club and in church and trying to keep my music going. I was attending college to try to retake the A level I needed to go to music college, but it was all too much for me and so I just carried on working and getting my qualifications to make a living.

I went on to play keyboards in a band, be accompanist for a light opera company and play in clubs when the band finished. I went on to perform in pubs and clubs regularly as well as do my work.

Then I started to get a little disillusioned with things and so I stopped playing the organ in church, I stopped performing. In fact, I stopped music altogether! I had no drive or ambition left! Persistence? BAH HUMBUG, as Scrooge would say about Christmas.

no persistence means disappointmentI didn’t realize the effect this was having on me as a person. I became angry, fed up and just went from day to day like a machine. Work was necessary, but boring. I had lost my mojo.

I decided to change this when I was asked to join the church choir that I am a proud member of now. I thought “wow, they are asking ME to join?” I joined and my music took over again. I was asked to join another choir not long after, which I did and have had a great time there too!

I have since started to play piano again. I am accompanist for a choir and love every minute of it! I’m even arranging music for the choir to sing. I have even had some vocal training and that is fantastic for me too.

I played a small organ in our sister church for a service and then was asked to play in the main church for the Mother’s Union Service. It took me less time that I could ever imagine to be able to play things I played 30 years ago. I’M BACK!

I’m ALIVE again and full of enthusiasm for anything and everything I do. I love to play music and take part in everything I can. I realize I may never be the professional I wanted to be, but I still have a purpose.

Now I have a mission to help people make a difference and have a great business. My work gives me the opportunity to be creative, but in so many more ways than just music.

I urge you to be persistent and work towards your own goals. DON’T GIVE UP! Your dreams MATTER.

I know that if I had been more persistent, I could have had so much more.

I now persist with everything UNTIL it happens. It’s NEVER too late.

I have gone from being in a bad frame of mind with nothing to inspire me to great things again to being asked to play the organ in our main church – something I craved when I was young. I could have done it sooner, but I gave up. Well, not entirely, because it just took being a part of things to be acknowledged and I am delighted to be included in the thoughts of people when they need my services.

If you want to hear a little something that I did and am proud for people anywhere and everywhere to hear, go listen to this song on You Tube. It’s called Destiny.

My biggest regret now is not going back to do the ARCO exam again. I wanted to do so much, but I let the grind of work and everyday life take over. Saying I “should have done” things differently is pretty pointless, but I know that having a dream is something that needs to be pursued and you only fail if you give up. I hate IF ONLY’s (check out my video on the subject of If Only here) because it was down to me and MY choices. If you want to make a difference, KEEP GOING!

Persistence pays. Never forget it. If you persist towards your dream and constantly take action, you will achieve, even if you have to adjust things a little along the way. Whether it’s business or pleasure, do things with a purpose and persist until you get what you truly want.


To the future

Barrie Evans

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14 Responses to Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent – Persist With What You Really Want!

  • Hi Barrie,

    I enjoyed your story. My gosh what a confidence basher you had. But we all had them in our past. What we need to do is to overcome all those negative bashers from the past. I am so glad to know you did and took the plunge to be doing what you desire. That makes a happy life! Good for you.

    We all have certain ambitions that we may have not applied in our lives, but one we do, it is like taking off chains. We become uplifted and happy.

    Persistence does pay off!


  • Hello Barrie, I loved your story and do agree with Donna, we have all had some kind of a let donw in our past HUH? The important thing is that you got back on the saddle so to say.

    Great message my friend. Never give up on your dreams, anything is possible if you BELIEVE!
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  • Thanks for your article Barry. So glad you got your Mojo back!
    Doing what makes you happy is very important.
    Your dreams matter Destines plan.

  • Hi Barrie, It’s sad that we have people in this world that are discouraging to us at pivotal moments in our lives. Fortunately, you’ve been able to come back to that thing you love, Music. This is a very inspirational post that will help lift anyone up. Thanks for writing this. It’s a great way to start the week off. I’m glad you were able to reawaken your love of music and thrive in it.

  • Wow those were pretty heavy blows to throw at a young person’s passion. No wonder they brought you down.

    We all must work hard to build ourselves and others up. That is why personal development is so essential.

    Thanks for sharing some of your music.

    So glad you got that fire and passion back!

    Too many people never do get it back.

    You are certainly a wonderful inspiration today to many of your friends


  • Oh Barry, what an inspiring story!

    It takes a lot of courage to open up like this and discuss mistakes or weaknesses (which we all have but often find difficult to discuss). I’m so proud of you! You have come so far!

    I’m especially proud that you were able to see that a negative frame of mind can be so harmful to you as a person and you turned all of that around, no matter what anyone thinks.

    I have to check out your videos! Thank you for sharing all of this with us!


  • A very fabulous post Barrie,
    There is a saying that “If you desire it so much, you will find a way but if its not important to you, you will find an excuse” and this is so true.

    Indeed, persistence is really one of the best formulas to achieving greatness. If you really want something, you must desire it so much that no hurdle, distractions or difficulty will be strong enough to stop you.

    Therefore, just stay focused, persist at your goals and at the end of the day, you will be happy you did.

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