personal brandingWhen you’re in the online marketing world, whether as an outright internet marketing niche or as a network marketer who networks online (this applies to offline marketing too), personal branding is something a great majority of us should be doing. The question is what are you attracted to? When you go to an offline networking event you are likely to see several people around who will have the message “buy my stuff” or “join my business” and yet there is one that says Join Me. Which is the ONE that will tweak your curiosity?

Personal Branding Is Not About Join My Company

So you’re at the event and you speak to several people with the “join my business” cards held up and each one of them goes into a full blown presentation about how great the company is and how much money you can earn. Then they babble on about the “compensation plan” and all that stuff (yes, this is important but is it vital at the decision stage?). You’re getting fed up with all the “hype” and so you go to talk to the one person who is holding up the card that says “Join Me”. The majority are unaware of how personal branding as opposed to promoting the company first is what makes a massive difference these days.

This person tells you about how they got into the business and the pitfalls they have come across and how they overcame them. They ask you relevant questions to find out EXACTLY what you’re looking for and how they can help you. Before they go into any presentation they demonstrate how REAL they are and share their experiences too. They may tell you their story or arrange to meet with you to discuss things further. Is this something that appeals to YOU?

The difference is that the ONE person who says “join me” approaches things with YOU in mind and not the company. You are the person who will make the choice of who you work with and the person who is aware of personal branding and its importance will be the one that stands out.

Personal Branding – Your Story

When you’re in the “join me” mindset, you will position yourself to be able to tell your own personal story. Personal branding is all about you being the “port of call” for your prospects who want help from you to build their business and also to brand them.

Company brands tend to have their company name first and then split into product brands. The company is branded first as the “people to trust” for particular kinds of products. Of course, the way the product is branded is then what sticks in a person’s mind. An example, especially in the UK is that a vacuum cleaner is a “Hoover”. Hoover company brand is so well known from years gone by that the population who saw so many of the hoover vacuum cleaners “latched on” to this and subconsciously any vacuum cleaner is a Hoover. People tend to talk more about Dyson these days, but the kids still get asked to help by “hoovering” their room.

When you tell your story to develop your personal branding, the people who approach you in the line will have more of an attraction to you because you show them you’re just an ordinary person who started from humble beginnings. This is powerful because your prospect will believe they can do what you have done. They see you as an ordinary person who has done extraordinary things, but essentially they can do it too with the help you’re prepared to give them.

Consider personal branding and telling your story before you go anywhere in your new business. It’s not difficult to achieve, but it’s very important for those of you who want to make a difference.

To the future

Barrie Evans