law of reciprocationYou might ask why persuasion and the law of reciprocation are relevant to a home business in particular (even though it’s relevant to all business really).

Simple answer to this – when you work from home online it’s your job to persuade people to give you their email so you can correspond with them in order to build the relationship and create sales and / or signups for your opportunity. Reciprocation is the person parting with their information and giving their permission for you to contact them.

Your Persuasive Offer Leads To Reciprocation

The way most of us in the home business arena get the prospect’s information is to offer something of great value that’s free to them. What we must not do is take things for granted that everyone is going to take the free offer and then reciprocate more and automatically join us or buy the product we have to offer them.

Yes, there are those, who have the conscience and are led by the “law of reciprocation” who will feel obliged to buy, but others will need more, especially in these days where people tend to be more skeptical because of the unscrupulous people who work a more aggressive marketing strategy and look to get the sale no matter what!

Attraction marketing is about building relationships first. Yes, we get the information by a compelling offer, but to build more trust we offer more free stuff that is of great value to the prospect. If they are unhappy with the business they are currently in and are looking for something new and someone to work with they can trust, do you think they will come to you, who offers them great support and valuable information consistently that has helped them? Of course they will!

The Art Of Persuasion To Get Reciprocation

It’s human nature to go to people you trust. If someone tries to “hard sell” you, you tend to run the other way right? If you “persuade” the prospect to join you by offering great value and free training to help them with their problems, you will likely sell more to them or they will join you in your business.

It’s important to understand the psychology of persuasion in order to get the prospect to buy from you, but the attraction marketing method is simple and effective. Don’t lead with the offer, lead with value. Continue to offer value and build the relationship and trust and then you will have the prospect “warm” to you and your business when they are ready. One important thing to remember not to forget is to ask for the sale. You’re in business! Direct the people what to do and they will do it! When creating your content, be clear and concise in your instruction and point the way to your offer and what they need to do. It’s not that the prospect is stupid; it’s just that human instinct works better with direction!

So, when you get in persuasion mode, look for reciprocation by giving something of value for free to get the initial information. Then continue to offer great value and you will be able to persuade the prospect to reciprocate freely to you and buy stuff from you repeatedly because they trust you and know the value you give, and possibly join you in your business. Good luck in your efforts and I hope you have a great business.

To the future,

Barrie Evans