define struggleDo me a favour and define struggle. There are so many people out there who would define struggle as “something I was born to do”! NOT true! How can a new born baby actually know they are born to struggle? Not possible is the right answer to that question.

How To Properly Define Struggle

I believe the way to define struggle is the way each of us is programmed in the education system. Don’t get me wrong, all our teachers do a wonderful job based on what they are TOLD to teach. They are not to blame. It’s the old fashioned system that lets us down. The system that tells us to get a good education so we can get a good, well paid job and save our money then invest in stocks, bonds and shares if we are able. We are always told to save for a pension. How can any of us do that when the system is flawed?

What we need is education across the board that teaches us what we need to know about finances and how to control them and how to have entrepreneurial thoughts and ambitions. In the UK, although I hate to admit it, we still have the “class” system in the eyes of so many. The highest class of person who is born into money is given education in how to handle money quite differently to those in the lower classes who are programmed to work for the masses just as they did in the industrial age. Problem is we have moved on from that.

I believe that the biggest leaders in this world who have some of the biggest business are different. Why? Because a few of them didn’t complete their education in the system, they had ambition and educated themselves working their own system that proved to be successful. That is why, as entrepreneurs in the home business industry, we also need to work on ourselves and our education.

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How Do I Define Struggle?

Struggle is basically something we can all avoid. Struggle is a state of mind and I think we are all programmed to feel as if we are struggling so we can be controlled to be a puppet of the system. This may be cynical, but I still think this is the way of the world.

How can we break free? We must not accept that struggle is something we have to put up with. Believe me, I’ve had my own experience of “struggle” but now I won’t accept that I have to put up with it any longer! As small business entrepreneurs we need to work on our personal development and our mindset. Make the changes happen in our minds and then our lives and business will have more abundance. We will then be in a position to help others to break free and handle the abundance in our lives and accept it as something we deserve.

How would you define struggle? If it’s something you’re not prepared to accept either and you want to break free, then make a decision to change. Find the way to improve yourself and don’t accept less than what your worth in this world. I would love for you to join me in a mission to change lives and get more freedom – click the registration image below to get more information on how to join me and my team in this quest.

To the future

Barrie Evans