Posting On Purpose Is The Key To Success.

posting on purposeDo you make a point of posting on purpose?

If you have a business website or blog, then one of the key things that you need to take into consideration is that you make sure you’re posting on purpose. Your posts and pages need to have a specific purpose in mind so that you can do one of three important things, to post for leads, post for sales or post to build your reputation and brand.

Posting On Purpose Requires Starting With The End In Mind.

When you get into the mindset of “posting on purpose”, you will be able to base your content around getting your reader to do EXACTLY what you want them to do. Getting them to interact and engage with your content is key to getting the click on your link for the visitor to see your offer and potentially purchase so you can make some money from your efforts.

The way to do this is to mention in the first sentence if possible is to let the reader know they have come to the right place to get what they want from visiting your page. The key to most things is to ask a question that includes your keyword or phrase so your content is the last place the visitor comes to get the answers to their problem and the solution to help them solve that particular problem.

Posting with purpose is vital to make sure you can target your outcome from the outset. Always start with the end in mind and make sure your content is congruent to that end. There is no point in wanting to post to get a sale if you don’t think about getting the person to actually click your link because you are driving them towards doing just that.

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How To Learn The Skills Of Posting On Purpose.

post for leadsOne of the best courses out there in my experience is Posting On Purpose For Profit by Rob Fore. The course is jam packed full of value and goes through various ways to improve your standing with your readers and how you can get more engagement on your pages and make the sale, get the lead, get more traffic or build more trust and build your brand.

Each module in Posting On Purpose For Profit runs through ways to get traffic, sales, leads and building your brand and gives great tips on how to craft your content to get the results you want from your web pages. When this is done correctly you can get leads and sales for years to come.

Posting on purpose is something we all need to be doing and the value in the posting on purpose for profit marketing course is certainly something I would strongly recommend to improve your lead generation and sales.

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Barrie Evans

8 Responses to Posting On Purpose Is The Key To Success.

  • Barrie,

    You hit the nail on the head with this one! We must always keep in mind our purpose. When doing so, we begin to create some kind of formula to keep up with.

    Thanks for this great post,



    Barrie Evans Reply:

    If you want your post to “do something”, then it’s important to have a specific purpose. Otherwise it’s just like having a hobby and nothing else! Thanks for your comment Donna.


  • Excellent advice Barrie and I thought I recognised that title ! All the best and I wish you every success.


    Barrie Evans Reply:

    Thanks Merle.


  • Posting on purpose is all about defining your audience and then catering to them.

    This is a great reminder!


    Barrie Evans Reply:

    Thanks Christian. Since I started posting with more purpose things have been happening more for me, so I believe it’s very important.


  • YES, YES, YES…

    One of my favorite poems contains the line “I will live my life on purpose, I will live it with intent”

    Knowing the purpose behind each of our actions and interactions – including blogs – is one of the keys to efficiency and effectiveness. And that, as Wallace Wattles points out, is a fundamental component of the Science Of Getting Rich.

    For all you inspired today,



    Barrie Evans Reply:

    Thanks Peter


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