Practice Is A Daily Business.

Practice Makes PerfectPractice is something we all need to get to grips with in our everyday business and life. Learning the skills we use is one thing, but practice is how we perfect them. Many will “shy away” from practice because it may remind you of tasks that were seen as chores when a child. This would be more relevant for someone who learned music as an example, but the practice was something “to be avoided” because it’s “boring”. After all, we just want to play that tune, so why do I need to do scales?

Too many times, we as humans look to get to the gratifying point of what we’re doing, but forget that to be the best, we are required to repeat sometimes mundane actions to improve. This is true for all walks of life, even in our business.

The Benefits Of Practice

One of the biggest benefits of practice is perfecting the skill we learn. It is always something that is done AFTER learning the skill. If you were to learn to play an instrument, you can only practice notes and note progression when you have learned them. The rhythm and way the whole piece comes together to a finished project is where the practice comes into play.

What practicing does is focus your attention on the moment and the task you need to complete. Yes, you have an overall goal, but to achieve the goal you desire, it takes work. As you learn the skills you need, you have to perfect them, but to avoid impatience, you need to concentrate fully on learning the skills and perfecting them to achieve your ultimate goal.

Impatience is our enemy. To achieve perfection is pretty difficult, if not impossible, but to reach an acceptable level of performance is certainly achievable with the right effort and repeated action.

Practice not only keeps focus on the daily task, it helps progress. If a pianist is working towards playing that concerto with the orchestra, he first has to learn his part. The notes, scales and technique to produce the correct tone and production of the tune are all part of that process. This starts off slowly, and gently builds to the finished piece. Step by step is the order of the day. Even with the biggest talent in the world, I would doubt that even the best pianist can pick up a brand new, technically challenging piece of music and play it flawlessly first time. Even the best sight readers will struggle sometimes.

Focusing on what you do now without your eye on the goal is what is sometimes required. Yes, of course you need to focus on your goal, but this can sometimes hinder progress. This is more evident when you get impatient. Some tasks require more practice than others, so it’s important to get those parts right before progression to the next stage.

Of course, as you progress, each task becomes more enjoyable because you improve and you see results. It doesn’t “feel” like practicing, even though that is what you are doing. Practice is a habit, but it’s a habit that keeps you focused on improving your current task so that your goal becomes closer. Focusing on your goal without this practice leads to disappointment or worse.

This is why, I believe, so many people quit. Too many times we can try to reach that goal without doing everything necessary to achieve it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Improve from daily practiceWhatever your goal, you will need to perfect each step. Missing steps can lead to bad results. If the pianist left out a section of the first movement of his concerto part, it would lead to a poor performance. He may be as perfect as he can be with everything else, but leaving out that vital practice to get the section he “thought he could play without effort” could be his downfall. Everything is needed to fit into place.

Everything has a progression, no matter what you do. Without the key parts there, there is no completion. The result is a bad one. The same applies to your business. Leaving out vital parts of the tasks to reach your goal gives you bad results. This can happen when you get impatient and take your eye off what you need to improve and rush onto the next step.

Practice makes perfect in everything we do.

Practice is not a chore, it’s necessary.

The pianist who is looking forward to his performance enjoys his practice the more he improves.

The business owner enjoys his work the better the results he gets.

Learning the skills is one thing. Practicing them to reach the best objective is the thing we should all be looking to achieve.

To the future,

Barrie Evans


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18 Responses to Practice Is A Daily Business.

  • Hi Barrie,

    Interesting analogy, the orchestra.

    Certainly blogging has become more enjoyable as I have learned more about it. Although there are still struggles to overcome.

    As for daily practice, I do agree, and make it my business to do some little thing every day towards my business, even if it’s just a bit of blog commenting.


  • Hi Barrie,

    Practice is another way of saying learning. As in serving your apprenticeship. You, as an electrician, understood you needed the learning, or practice in order to reach the level of journeyman and then master. So it is with any vocation, including ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

    • Learning actually comes first Edward. There is nothing to practice without first learning the skill. Take the pianist learning the concerto. First they learn the notes, rhythms and scales in the music. To perfect it to performance standard the focus has to be on practice to improve.
      You are right about the practice being relevant with any vocation.
      Thanks for your input 😀

  • I don’t find it hard to practice things I enjoy however hard they are. but, I admit to putting some things off because they seem hard and I’ve never started. You’re quite right though once I do I might find them enjoyable too. You’ve given me motivation, thanks, Barrie.

  • Hi Barrie,
    What a joy to be here again after a bit gap. 🙂
    Oh my this is indeed a great reminder!
    Yes as the saying goes: “practice makes the man perfect” you brought out the essence of it in to this post.
    Yes, this is not doubt a wonderful reminder to all!
    Let us utilize our time to practice to be perfect
    Thanks for sharing barrie
    ~ Phil

  • Great article. So agree practice makes you perfect

  • Hi Barrie

    A wonderful post!

    Since childhood we are learning that practice makes the man perfect. you are right that we need to be perfect in every step. If we miss any step it will lead to disaster.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Barrie,
    Excellent post on how important the art of practicing is!
    You must practice at anything if you want to get better at it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Hi Barrie,
    It is right , if we do not practise ,we even lose
    what we have learned before. To stay with your
    piano analogy, I did learn to play piano ,but when
    I stopped practising,I lost the ability to play rigt,
    it would need a lot of practice again to be able
    to play without mistakes. So it is with everything.
    Practice makes the master we say in Germany
    Thank you

  • Barrie,

    Wonderful reminder to do what needs to be done and to enjoy the process, even when it seems to be creating a delay or a detour. I just had that experience this weekend when my marketingourpractices website again lost all that special formatting that I had paid to have fixed – 3 x already. If I had created a child site, which I didn’t know how to do, I could have saved myself from the trouble this time. So I used the frustrating event to consolidate menu tabs and to envision what I really want the site to be about. The focus shifted more toward highlighting all the wonderful work that therapists do, rather than focusing on marketing. I did not think of this as practice but changing and rearranging pages and emphasis was necessary at this stage and could not have been done earlier because first I had to post all the pages as they were. Now I am fine tuning and tweaking and practicing.

    Dr. Erica

    • Knowing the skill is just the start. Constant practice to improve is the way to get the goal to come to you. We learn more along the journey. Thanks for your input Erica 😀

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