Hunting MLM ProspectsIf you have a new opportunity and are looking to be recruiting for MLM business, then you will most likely be trained in the “old school” methods of offline marketing to friends and family.

There is no real answer except to do what you find WORKS. So what IS the best way to recruit for MLM – offline or online.

Many people in the home based business arena these days have the opinion that the Internet is the greatest recruiting tool ever invented. Why?

The Internet allows near-instantaneous communication with vast numbers of people… for free.  There is no recruiting method to rival this. When promoting your business opportunity online you can grow your business day or night, and have people coming to you from all over the world. With the right skills you can also target your locality, which is easier than trying to “go global”.

Based on the traditional training methods, what do most network marketers do?  They tend to ignore the Internet entirely, and spend all of their effort handing out business cards to people who don’t want them, and hassling their friends and family who will soon stop answering their phone calls.

The whole secret to getting people to join you in your new business is to find those who are looking for what you have to offer them.

So, what do we need to focus on……


Farming Vs Hunting

Don’t spend hours of your precious time chasing after people who don’t have any interest in your business. Instead you can use the Internet to bring prequalified prospects directly to you and then spend your time training them.

To use a metaphor, traditional MLM recruiting methods are like hunting. You have been to your company training, which is usually a good foundation, and then you are sent out having been encouraged to speak to everyone you know and get them to come to see you so that you can “pitch” them with your new business. We are not in the business to “persuade” people to join us, more to have people join us who WANT to. Yes, you are excited and want to grow your business quickly, but we need to ask questions and find out what each person we speak to is looking for. Then we can help them with a solution.

Farming for prospectsThe most successful people in MLM these days are those with a “farming” mindset. Instead of chasing after people, you plant your seeds (in this case online) and you let people come to you. Your recruiting is far easier this way, and much less aggressive.


The Opportunity Is Now Here For More Effective Recruiting For MLM!

Below are some tools you can start using almost immediately, to get your online recruiting systems set up!

1. Start a Blog

A blog is essentially a website that allows you to publish articles, videos and information about your business.  All your blog posts are listed in categories and by date written / posted. Because Google loves a blog because of the inclusion of relevant and new content connected to you particular niche, each post will be “findable”.

Running a blog can be easy.  The most important thing to remember is to offer valuable information and to build trust. Eventually you will get comments and you can interact with your readers and build relationships.

2. Build Your Website

You need to make sure all the information about you and your business is online. Branding yourself is the key because people join people (who are leaders) and not necessarily the business. So think of it this way – Your website is your Online Destination, so make sure you also own a domain name to promote and create your blog using that domain to be found online. Then you can link from your blog to your company’s videos and generic website.

3. Article Marketing

Publishing quality content online is vital to your business building efforts.  The thing to do is write (or hire someone to write) some articles with information on your business opportunity or your products, then you can publish them on websites like Squidoo and Hub Pages or Article Directories like Ezine Articles. Remember to offer good tips and advice and provide solutions to problems that people may have. This will build trust in you and your content.

4. Twitter

Twitter arrived on the scene suddenly a short time ago. Its growth has led to great popularity and is one of the “places to be”. It seems that almost every celebrity and business has a Twitter account as well as millions of ordinary people. Get yourself an account and share your content and build your popularity from there.

5. Facebook

Facebook has grown into the King of All Social Networks. With millions and millions of members and more joining every day, this makes it the number one site on the web for connecting with new people – a potential recruiters dream.

You can start groups, join groups, and find like-minded people (from all over the world) who will want to join your business.

You can get lots of people you approach offline to connect with you on Facebook too, giving you more opportunities to build relationships and gain trust.

 What You Must Not Forget…

The above strategies are great for bringing people to you, but just like in the offline real-world it all comes down to you connecting with other people personally.

As soon as you have their attention, you need to make the whole process about them and not about you.

What do they hope to get from your business opportunity?  What are their goals?  What are their worries?

Provide value and useful advice on how to solve the problems your prospects have. Lead them in the right direction to solve these problems and you will attract some great people to you. Teach them to do the same and you will have replication and leverage in your business and you will be on the way to the next great success story.

Whether you go for offline or online methods, you need to attract people to you by helping them with their problems. Ask the right questions to find out more about the problems and offer the best advice you have learned that is making you money and provide the solution. This will enable you to be like a magnet to attract new prospects and build your business. Provide value and build relationships.


Use the Internet for lead generation when recruiting for MLM, but remember that personal connection can never be beaten!

To the future

Barrie Evans


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