being repetitive is good and badPart 8 of the series based on the 10 main principles of Albert Einstein. In this post I will discuss repetition and why it can be both good and bad. Good is great, but bad is something to beware of and so easy a trap to fall into.

Einstein had a philosophy around this and thought it as:

“Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Of course, this is based around the “bad” side of repetition and this should be avoided. Of course, it’s a very easy trap to get caught in and can lead to frustration and many quitting their venture altogether.

When Not To Be Repetitive.

The quote mentions doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The scenario where you are taking action, but you are getting no results at all leads to the question:

“What am I doing wrong?”

You need to ask yourself these things because doing the same thing over again is not likely to change things. This is why the best marketers have several ways of doing a task, so that the best one can be found from testing and getting the data and results from each campaign. If you go along with just ONE campaign and keep targeting a market that didn’t respond in the first place, is it possible they will ignore it again? I think it’s a given fact that they WILL ignore it.

Why is this?

Because you didn’t do your market research and you didn’t put together more than one campaign to test what is effective.

The reactions you have from repeated bad results will have an effect on your thought process. You will think you’re a failure perhaps and just quit. Or you will keep on doing the things you kept on doing because it was what you were told to do. If you don’t get the results, DON’T DO IT. Figure out what your target market is, then supply them with what they want.

Desperation to make money can drive you to take repeated action, but desperation is not your friend. There is a time to be repetitive, and that is when you start to achieve results from your actions.

The Right Time To Be Repetitive.

You have set up different campaigns for a project. You know your target market and you believe you have the right product to solve any problems. Because you are smart, you have set up a way to track your results from each campaign and now you have “got the ball rolling”. So…

  • Ad 1 is getting a little reaction, but not converting to sales. You have some additions to your email list, but that is it.
  • Ad 2 is getting traffic, but you haven’t had even a subscriber to your list.
  • Ad 3 is getting sales and subscribers to your list.
  • Ad 4 is running away with sales and subscribers.

This data tells you that running ad 4 is the best option, but a little tweak of ad 3 could improve sales and the same on ad 1 could get conversions into sales moving. Then you test AGAIN. The reason is that ad 4 could slow down and the others could pick up. You won’t know unless you test these things.

A person who would continuously use ad 2 because this has had results at one stage would eventually say “this doesn’t work” and give up. They would be angry with the whole system and themselves and may even start shouting “scam”.

Don’t get caught in this trap. Be smart by using repetition in the right way. Repeat the action you KNOW works and stop wasting time on things that don’t. It is truly insanity to waste precious time repeating actions that give nothing in return.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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