Handy sales marketing tips to increase profitSales is not the easiest of things to cope with when you have your own business. You need a plan to get sales and then to increase them moving forward, so these sales marketing tips should help you set up a good plan. It’s important to get to grips with this or there will be no revenue and therefore no business to even think about.

There are many courses out there that can help you get started, but you will learn more by taking action and then tweaking and adjusting your plan to get more out of your efforts. These 8 tips are just some of the things I have experienced and I hope they can help you too.

The 8 Sales Marketing Tips Are:

  1. Don’t Simply Sell Benefits.
    Every selling course will tell you to “sell the benefit”. Of course, you do have to do that. However, don’t just tell your prospects the benefits of buying your product or service. Tell them what they can lose if they DON’T buy it. People can fear loss a lot more than they desire gain. Customers want to enjoy the benefits your product or service provides. Their desire to have it when you remind them of what they lose will be even greater!
  2. Use Pleasant Surprises to Close The Deal.
    An unpleasant surprise of any kind can kill a sale. A pleasant surprise, however, can help close a sale. Adding an unexpected bonus immediately before your prospect makes the final decision to complete on the deal is likely to eliminate any last minute hesitation.
  3. Offer Quick Delivery – Even When You Can’t.
    The faster you deliver your product or service, the more sales you’ll get. If you are not able to deliver all or part of the order immediately, it’s a good idea to add something you CAN deliver immediately. It may be something as simple as some helpful tips related to your product that is available to new customers.
  4. Make It Easier To Buy.
    Make the buying process complicated and you face the customers to change their mind and not buy. Find ways to make the buying process easier and faster. For instance, why use a multi-step shopping cart to get online orders when a simple online order form would suffice and just need 1 or 2 quick clicks?
  5. Don’t Lower Your Price – Find Ways To Improve The Offer.
    An improved offer and more enticement to buy doesn’t mean you have to lower the price. Instead of lowering the price, simply add more value with bonuses. Make sure these bonuses have relevance to the offer in some way and a high perceived value to your customers – even if they cost you little or nothing.
  6. Keep Your Advertising Up to Date.
    Not changing your advertising from time to time could see your sales decline. Of course you shouldn’t abandon advertising that’s working – but keep trying to improve it. Regularly test new advertising to see how it works for you and if there is any improvement.
  7. Tips for marketing and salesOutsmart Your Competition Using Alternative Methods.
    You can try some alternative marketing methods your competitors are overlooking. One internet marketer discovered direct mail postcards to work for them when nobody else was using this method. This proved to be a very effective, yet low-cost way to generate traffic to her web site. It also concealed her marketing activity from the competition.
  8. Quickly Neutralize Customer Complaints.
    Handling customer complaints quickly and with a positive attitude is very important. You need work hard to maintain your relationship with the customer instead of them feeling you just want to profit from them. Treating the customer right will reward you with repeat sales and referrals, instead of harming your reputation by the complainant telling everybody about their bad experience. Maintaining and growing customers is the order of the day, not losing them and future customers too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in sales, or recruiting a team such as in network marketing, these simple marketing tips can improve your results whether in sales or not. They will need a little adjusting to suit purpose perhaps, but the strategy is sound.

These 8 sales marketing tips reveal a proven low-cost marketing system many other small businesses have used to boost their sales and profits. Introduce these into your own marketing program now and you can quickly start enjoying the same results too.

All the best,