fear of what\'s aheadIt’s true that many are afraid of what the future has to offer. Why is it that the future is so scary?

I was browsing through one site looking for ideas for a blog post. I came across a student who was reaching the end of his studies and who had just one year left making it clear that “he was scared of the future”. WHY?

Because of the reaction he was getting to his work! Outside influences were the issues that were making him think he wasn’t good enough. What could he do to make this change?

I believe there are a few things that can help anyone with “future fear” to assess where they are and move forward with confidence into a bright tomorrow.

  • Know who you are
  • Know your purpose
  • Know what makes you happy
  • Stop listening to the “inner demons”

It’s important to know who you are and what makes you function. There are times in life where you can get an overwhelming “identity disorder”. You can get confused in your own identity because of the opinion of others around you. Some opinions may be good and some bad, but to prevent this identity crisis, even if you have a stable existence most of the time, you can ask your friends to help you out.

You will know more about yourself when you think about your values. How much do those values mean to you as a person? This is important. How can these values help you in your actions to reach your goals? These core values are the basis of who you are. If you don’t like what you see in yourself, it could be you have strayed from your values and formed bad habits. It’s time to change these things if this is so. Bad habits don’t serve you, but your core values, if they are ethical and good, certainly will.

What is your purpose? I don’t mean what is your “sense of purpose”, but more your life purpose. There is a difference!

know who you are and fight the fearKnowing your purpose and how it fits with your personal ambition is vital. If you are passionate about what you do, it could be said that you have a life purpose. If your job is something you do to earn a living, then you have a sense of purpose to live from day to day, but your life purpose is lacking. Know what gets you up effortlessly in the morning and do your best to find a way to do that to achieve. The Student with the “future fear” was talking about his writing. He wants to be a journalist, but is fearful because of his results. This is not because he isn’t passionate about his writing; it’s about fear of what others think and the criticism received.

When you have a life purpose, you have a passion that will come from your heart. There is NOTHING that will stop you and you will find a way. You will use the criticism to learn and find a better way. Fear kills the passion and destroys the heart. Being fearless helps to break away and move forward to find your way.

Knowing who you are and what your purpose is leads us to what makes you happy. You have chosen your life purpose and are happy in it. Having just a “sense of purpose” without that driving passion for what you do can leave a void. That’s when you can feel less than happy with your lot. There will always be something missing.

I went through a “void”. It took me a long time to understand and realize that I didn’t have to put up with it!

Music was my life outside work (which was necessary) and family time. I was doing a job that was just a sense of purpose, but my focus was always on what my music was going to bring me that week. When I reached the point where I got a little disillusioned with my music and tired, I quit the music altogether. Now I have reignited my musical activities and love every second of it.

My void was filled and, even though I love my work now too, the music helped to make me feel completely happy with my lot, no matter what my situation. I became more self-aware and this helped to kill those demons that were gnawing away at me.

Of course, you may find that searching your “self” and looking for the things that help you to know who you are, what your life purpose is and what makes you happy is not easy. Working on being more self-aware and also working to dismiss those “inner demons” of negativity that lead to the disillusion in the first place is going to be a journey all of its own. This is an important one and something that will help you to “find yourself” amongst the “noise” of modern living.

Being fearful of the future is something that is “fed” to us in the media. How many crises and tragedies are on the news these days? Good news doesn’t sell, and fear is something the top people in charge are not discouraging, so we continue to hear about the “bad” in the world. Think about it! We are scared because of a distinct minority, not because of the majority of things that are good and full of encouragement for the future.

Being scared of the future is a state of mind. It’s not easy to overcome without focus and recognition of the things discussed here. I hope, if you are suffering the smallest fear for tomorrow, that you can find your happiness and life purpose and definitely ban that fear from your life.

To the future,

Barrie Evans