personalize itWhen you find great content and training, it’s your job to share this to help your prospects and your team as well as build your authority and brand. You can do this very effectively when you take the content you find valuable and personalize it by writing a blog post about the information you have found and / or do a video about it and share. This way you will be positioning yourself as the person to come to for people who want to find out about great resources of training and products that are of value to them.

Personalize It To Develop Your Authority

Because you have taken a great training, read a great blog post with valuable information or have a product you know about that will help anyone to make progress in their business, you can use this to leverage your authority status and position as a leader who cares about the people they work with when you personalize the message. Attraction marketing is based around offering great value FIRST and this is the technique I like to adopt.

When you find a great training and you personalize it by sharing its value and how it helped you in a written blog post or on video, your popularity will grow. Likewise, when you’re using a product that you can endorse because you are using it yourself, you can write compelling content based on your experience and share the benefits with your people. When your content resonates with them, your prospects will come back time and again because you give them something they WANT. They will perceive your value as important to them and will be attracted to the opportunity of working with you when the time comes.

Can I See Examples Of How To Personalize It?

I can share a great resource with you that has training on this subject. My good friend Gavin Mountford, who founded Networking Superstars, does training on this subject and it’s very concise and easy to understand. He stresses that we are in the job of a Researcher and Reporter of great sources of training, products and helpful content to all of our followers, wherever and whoever they may be.

To access this training you can join the Networking Superstars as it’s part of the system. You will learn how we can take good content and personalize it and share great resources to our prospects.

When we share this type of content and build great value, we also build our own personal brand and maximize our authority within our niche. With unique content and unique ways to trigger people’s “nosey” genes, we can expose the curiosity and grow a following of “sticky” proportions because we are different from the crowd.

When you have products that you’re affiliated to, you can use pre made capture pages initially, but when you get more experience, you should look to personalize it and make your own capture pages, putting your own video on them where possible. Why video? Because it is more personal and when you talk to the person watching the video as though they are with you, the connection is a lot stronger. You will have to learn what works and how to track and test your pages, but this is certainly the best way to “stand out and shine” like a beacon above the “noise” of what I call “link bashing” and “buy my stuff” or “join my opportunity” messages that are all over the place these days.

Consider everything as a learning curve. You will learn stuff every day and you will need to adapt as you go along. The most important thing is when you can take information and personalize it, you will be able to stay a step ahead of the “usual stuff” that will always be there.

To the future

Barrie Evans