steps to successThis subject is relevant to people who have their own business in general, but the six steps to success shown below are tailored around a home business owner. When getting into a home based business it can be a lonely venture that needs discipline and dedication to your outcome. Whatever you want to achieve and how you get the success you want from your new business venture, these steps will help you to get there. The points will typically show online strategies, but the ideas can be adapted to any kind of strategy.

Steps To Success No 1

Find and use your lead generation strategy of choice. With all the lead generation tactics that are available, it’s best to choose one and STICK to it. Why? Because when you work on ONE and get good at it, you will achieve much more when you concentrate on that one skill.

Choose the one topic that you’re PASSIONATE about. If you want to adopt video, blogging, social media, solo ads or whatever method, you will work better at it when you have a passion for what you do. Focus on getting this method right first and then you may be able to move on to another in the future. When you have chosen your method, find the training you will need to understand everything you need to. The training may come in video, audio or written content, but whichever suits you best is the one you need to take. Don’t go from expert to expert unless you’re researching. Pick ONE and go with that, taking action as you learn.

Steps To Success No 2

Build an online presence, which is an important step these days.  When you can build an online presence it will help you to get more conversions and sign ups. People will see you all over the place and will usually get “nosey” to find out who you are. When they do this, they will grow to like, know and trust you, which is another key point within this step.

If you’re using a blog, video or social media then your presence will be growing as your popularity grows. If you are using solo ads then you will need to get yourself onto social media at least. A Facebook fan page would be a good start because this will give you an opportunity to share some content and interact with more people.

Steps To Success No 3

success stepsOne of the most critical, if not THE most critical of the steps to success is to have a plan. Take your business seriously and write down what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and then work out a daily plan of action that you can use to help you to reach your goal. A 90 day action plan is a good one to take into consideration. Some people will take less time, some a little more, but the most important thing is to have your goals set out and be consistent.

Make yourself accountable for your plan and do what you need to do.

Steps To Success No 4

Create a routine. This is linked to the plan, but is another important step to see you progress towards your goals. A routine that you have set is going to help you focus on what you need and also help to keep you from the “shiny object syndrome” that sometimes gets in the way. You can avoid this by sticking to your routine because that’s what you need to do without distraction.

Creating this routine will help to keep you from being overwhelmed or overloading yourself. You can concentrate fully on your lead generation and sales targets and not be swayed from that focus because it is your routine.

Steps To Success No 5

Getting OUT of your routine. This may contradict step four, but you got into this business to have more time right? So… MAKE SOME! It’s important for you to have a break and have a life. If you don’t do this you could burn out and then you will be affected more than you could imagine and knock yourself back.

It’s important to create balance in your business and life, so take some time out!

Steps To Success No 6

steps to successTake some time daily to work on personal growth. Personal development is a very important step in your development. Reading books and / or listening to personal development based audio is a great way to achieve this, but remember you need to take action on what you learn and adopt it into your life.

Don’t be surprised you remain “stuck” if you don’t work on your personal development. In my experience, it wasn’t until I started to work on my own development in this way that I started to see big changes and began to “see the light” to coin a phrase.

I hope that these six steps to success will help you to get to your goal in building a great business and a great life to go with it.

To the future,

Barrie Evans