smart learningWe have all heard the saying work smarter, not harder. In the internet / network marketing industry we should also look to LEARN smarter too. Smart learning and being selective in what we learn is going to be the key to making a decent living on the internet.

Smart Learning Is The Way To Progress Quicker

Learning a lot about a little is better than learning a little about a lot.

When you try to be a “jack of all trades” you will spread yourself too thin and it will be difficult to make any decent progress, if you can make any at all. There is such a lot to learn that you will be struggling to get anywhere until you adopt smart learning. What this will do is get you laser focused and your marketing will be more effective when you take on board the fact you need to learn smart as well as work smart.

Taking on too many training courses because you “think” you need to know EVERYTHING is not the way to adopt the smart learning principle. Take just one area of marketing and get good at it so you can then be seen as an expert in that field. Whether you want to work in social media marketing, blogging or video marketing take on ONE thing and get good at it. Be certain to learn smart and find out the right course to promote your business and get the leads you want to generate the business you want. When you adopt smart learning, you will automatically be doing the “work smarter” principle.

Smart Learning Will Change Your Results

It takes less work to succeed than it does to fail. When you take into consideration what I’ve already discussed, you will find that when you are seen as an expert, you will have people coming to you for help. When you try to learn too much at one time and become a “jack of all trades” you will complete the saying by being the “master of none”. Less people will come to you because there will be too many “holes” in your knowledge.

Smart learning and taking on ONE thing at a time will give you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert and you will get more results because you can focus on those people who want you help in the particular area of marketing you have become an expert in. Trying to focus on too many people in too many areas will lead to you overstretching yourself and you won’t help anyone! Where is the benefit in that?

Find out as much as you can about the SMALLEST area you can use and become the expert. Adopting this smart learning technique will give you the knowledge you require to be able to help a lot more people because you have the know-how to be able to do that.

William Clement Stone speaks about the 3 main functions to become successful. These are:

  • Inspiration to action
  • Know-How
  • Activity Knowledge

You have the inspiration to action when you find the right method for you to adopt in your marketing. You will develop the know-how when you adopt the smart learning principle and learn a lot about a little and you will then have the activity knowledge to be the expert in you niche.

Make sure you take on this smart learning principle and change the way you perceive things and make your success a lasting one. To learn everything isn’t necessary and doesn’t fall into what is necessary for you to be a success in your business. Smart learning is the missing link for so many of us, so let’s make the chain stronger and complete by fitting the link in place.

To the future

Barrie Evans