Create Your Own ProductDo you want to create your own product? Don’t know where to start?

You can create your own product from what you learn every day. Remember, what you learn from your training is important because it means that what you then know is usually more than your future prospects. As long as you take action on what you learn, you can write down what you put into practice, and if you have found what works for you, you can put this into a video product, ebook or an audio product that you can sell for 100% profit.


Write An Ebook

Don’t think you can write an ebook? Ok, think of it this way – Do you write articles regularly? Are the articles based around a similar subject and can be linked together somehow to make a logical step by step instruction? If so, you can develop your own ebook that way. Useful tips that offer a step by step solution to what your customer / prospect is looking to solve their problem.


Do you have an idea for a video product? Do you feel more comfortable explaining things and showing people? Ok, you can set up an instructional video by using screen capture software (such as Cam Studio, which is free) and narrating over what you do step by step. An example is to show your customers how to set up and install a WordPress blog. This could be a series of videos to make it easier to follow. You can show how to get the domain name first, and then get hosting and then to use the cpanel and install from there – you get the gist?

Create Video ProductIf you have something else in mind, you can set up a Power Point presentation and share that with narration.



Similar to the video product, you could set up and run a webinar offering the training live for a small fee, recording the webinar and selling it as a video product for more than the live webinar. This would be relevant because you would edit the webinar video if you needed to. The magic of the paid webinar is that you can offer the recording to your live attendees for free as part of the deal offering more value to them.


If you are happy to explain your procedures that can be easily followed and executed by your customer, you can develop and record an information audio product. This product could also be made available, as can any of the above, as a physical product as well as a digital download so that customers have a choice of the format they prefer.

You can also mix up the above methods by having a complete package of ebook, video and audio product so that the customer can have access to the training materials wherever they are and on whatever media they want to use.


I hope this has been useful and given you some ideas to developing your own information products.


To the future,

Barrie Evans


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