what you don't say makes the differenceWhen you post your content on the internet, whether it’s on a blog, on social media, on video or just as an advertisement, it’s sometimes the things you don’t say that are the most important. As a marketer it’s your job to trigger curiosity in your prospect and get their “nosey” gene to react to come to find out more about you.

The Things You Don’t Say Will Be Vital

You have triggered someone’s curiosity and they come to connect with you on social media. It’s important you can find out what you can about them so you can find out their problems and then you can provide the solutions.

If you go on too much about how fantastic things are with you and you don’t stop to think of the person you are connecting with, they will leave you very quickly. You need to “fish” for what they want from you sometimes and it’s what you don’t say that can be the bait. An example is to ask simple questions and mention something that will resonate with them. For instance, if the prospect appears to be a big family person, mention it, then ask a question and wait for a reply.

Be inquisitive and get them to open up to you, but do it through good questions. You will get to a point where the person will be a little baffled by one of your questions maybe and then you will get to their pain. When you then offer them the solution to the particular problem they are experiencing, they will see you can help them, the barriers will come down and you’re ready for a “real” conversation.

What You DON’T SAY? I’m New And Confused…

When you have a new business, you will be really excited right? This is when you’re most likely to babble (I know I did) and maybe effect the way you can properly interact with a prospect. Learning to use the technique of what “you don’t say” as soon as you can is going to be a big plus for you when getting started.

It is a skill to be able to make a statement and pause for a reaction so you can then ask a relevant question. Reading the situation is going to come with more experience, but it’s important you learn how to create the curiosity and then get the person on your side as it were.

One of the reasons that it’s a great idea to leverage a leader in your team to learn these skills while prospecting is so you can see some success from the start. Left to your own devices, unless you’re a complete natural, you could see yourself not make progress and then you’ll get disillusioned and maybe consider quitting.

Most of the top marketers use a system to learn the trade. They extract as much information from other top marketers as they can and then implement things regularly. Remember, to become a top marketer you have to start somewhere. These guys have the skills that are linked to what you don’t say as well as the important things that you MUST say. Find out more about the system many of the top marketers in the world use here.

When you can master what you don’t say to a prospect to trigger the curiosity and start up the conversation and develop the relationship, you’ll be onto a winner! Good luck whatever you’re working on.

To the future

Barrie Evans