It's your fault! Grrrr!It’s surprising these days how many people have issues about all sorts of things in life and business. If you are in business of any kind, but especially in the home business arena it’s important that you stop playing the blame game.

More and more often people are looking for someone to blame for anything that seems to go wrong, whether it’s the government, the bank or any other individual or organization they can place the blame on instead of looking at the situation in the correct perspective.

Perfect example of playing the blame game…

One of the most amazing and crazy stories I heard lately was that a friend of mine who is in the scrap car business was getting a damaged van that he had agreed to sell to a person who was going to repair the van and sell on to someone who wanted that particular van for the budget it was going to be for sale at. When my friend went to collect the vehicle, the company had made a decision to scrap the vehicle themselves instead of selling on.

Believe it or not, it was deemed to be my friends’ fault that the seller’s decision was changed according to the person who was going to receive the van and that my friend was letting the eventual owner down. The decision to scrap the van was made before my friend had arrived to collect the vehicle, so it’s unrealistic and unfair for him to get the blame for the decision.

I wonder if the person “blaming” had promised that the deal was done instead of saying that the deal is done in principle only and therefore is looking to blame someone for their own mistake.

If you are or have been in a similar situation then you need to avoid playing the blame game and look at yourself and the situation logically.


“A man can get discouraged many times but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else and stops trying.” – John Burroughs


I have experienced this when speaking to people about my business and network marketing. We get reactions from those who have been in the business similar to “That doesn’t work” or “I quit because I didn’t have enough support” and many other excuses.

Take one instance – there was a person who went along to a hotel where there was a meeting taking place for a company which he had a network marketing business with a year or so before.

The ex business owner saw a couple of people he knew and went to speak to them. Enquiring about why his friends were at the hotel, they told him that they were there for a meeting with the company he was associated with. He went on to complain and try to advise them that it was useless and a scam and “it won’t work for them because it didn’t work for him”.

Next thing he saw was one person who he had introduced to the business before he quit. His next question was: “Isn’t that Joe Jones? What is he doing here? I advised him to quit when I did because it is just not going to work!”

The answer he was given actually made him physically sick! He was told that Joe was one of the company’s top earners and was at the meeting to speak about his experience and give some training as well as to receive a top award.

The ex business owner had realised that had he kept on working or at the very least stayed active in the company, he would have had a “slice of the pie” because Joe had done so well. Because he left he forfeited that to someone else.

What was the difference between the ex business owner and Joe? Simple! Joe took action and kept up the consistent work that was needed to achieve his goals. The other fellow was full of excuses and looking for someone or something to blame for his lack of success!

Rise above playing the blame game

Blame HIMWhen going into any form of business, whether it’s network marketing or traditional business you need to rise above blame and move on to the next task. Be consistent and you will find more success than failure. Be there to help and train others in your team and if someone outperforms you, embrace it and hang on tight because you will go with them to better things.

Be a person who is open to education in personal development and methods to grow your business and yourself. If you are teachable you will then be able to teach. Leaders create leaders in this way and you can move forward with confidence and have no requirement to make excuses and whinge and complain.


“An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame.” – Bo Bennett


“Every man is the architect of his own life. He builds it just the way he wants it. However, after he has built what he wants, he sometimes decides that he doesn’t like what he has built and looks for someone or something to blame instead of changing himself.” – Sydney Madwed


Playing the blame game is just another way of making excuses. Avoid it and look for solutions to what you think is the problem because it’s usually quite a simple thing to do to blame rather than take action. Look for a way and create your own blueprint to be successful (You can learn more about a successful blueprint and how it’s possible for you to go from nothing to a full time income in 90 days here).


To the future,

Barrie Evans