panic buttonsDo you ever find yourself in a position when you want to get somewhere or you have something to do and because of things that are out of your control, you don’t believe you’re going to get things done as you want and you start to push panic buttons? What then happens is that you get more and more worked up, the panic increases and your blood pressure rises and you feel like your head is going to EXPLODE!!!

Panic Buttons Are NOT The Way To Deal With These Problems!

It seems more natural to us to get into a frenzy of panic when we are in a situation where we are likely to fail to do something, or miss a train or a vital connection to reach a destination that is very important to us because of traffic or other things that are usually not something we can control.

Question is how do we actually deal with this kind of panic and get the MOST IMPORTANT things done?

What would happen if you were to take yourself away from the panic and aggravation? What if you were to focus on the OUTCOME you want rather than focusing on your PANIC, which will only lead to mental OVERLOAD?

There are 2 simple ways to help you to deal with this:

  1. Focus on the outcome of what you are doing when you are disturbed or stuck in an apparently uncontrollable situation.

    This focus will help you to concentrate on your outcome and how you can achieve that outcome, whatever you need to do to achieve it. If you want to do a blog post for example and you have been disturbed by something that arose and needed your attention, you are delayed and less likely to complete your post, which is one of the key ways you get leads in every day. So, do you panic because you’ve not done the post, OR do you find a way to get leads and connect in another way? Your outcome is getting the leads and making connections, so adjust your action for the day and focus on the OUTCOME instead of the way the distraction has ruined your day and caused you to get “all stressed up”.

    Keep things SIMPLE. We tend to complicate things when we panic and this also causes us to lose control and it’s control that keeps us on the path to our outcome. Make sure your concentration needs to be on what HAS to happen to achieve that outcome rather than on what you WANT to happen.

  2. Give yourself a short break to unwind. You can do this in several ways. You may like to unwind from a stressful panic by watching a funny video, reading a funny story or anything that you can do that helps you to feel better. This action will get you back into a calm place so you can think properly without pressurizing yourself.

    Will the world end if you don’t get your blog post done, or you don’t reach your travel connection? Of course it won’t, even though it may cause you a little stress. But why worry? You can REASSESS your situation, find a way to deal with it and STILL achieve your outcome if that’s what you can FOCUS on. Make sure you get the things done that ABSOLUTELY have to get done!

Panic Buttons Are Not The Answer!

stop panickingI hope you can see from the simple methods I’ve spoken about that “panic buttons” are simply not the answer. When you can focus completely on your outcome for the day, which may be getting the leads and connections in for the day then the blog post isn’t the “be all and end all” of your activity for that day. You can fit the post in a little later when you have the time to finish it. Who knows, you may get more leads from it and have an even BETTER day!

Focusing completely on your outcome will help to make this second nature. Your daily action plan and the outcome you set for each day IS your focus. How you get to that outcome DOESN’T MATTER. If you have take a detour to get to that travel connection on time, then so be it, you have assessed the situation and have a solution to your problem which you wouldn’t solve while panicking!

Panic brings disarray and mayhem, whereas control and focus will bring results!

Remember that it’s your outcome that needs to be your focus and how you get there is irrelevant. Pushing any panic buttons and losing control is not only a pointless exercise, but also not a very constructive one.

To the future

Barrie Evans