If you're struggling in your business, don't panicIf you’re in a position that you believe you’re struggling to get leads and grow your home business, the best advice I can give you is Don’t Panic! The tendency to do just that is overwhelming and then all you do is to promote without thinking and then you can be in trouble. Why? Because people will see you coming and run the other way.

What we all so in the situation of panic is to keep pitching our business and our friends get fed up of it and then they distance themselves from you. Sound Familiar? I have experienced this too and so I had to look for another way.

We are all told to work our “warm market” and then expand it out to include referrals and from those people so we can get more sign ups and grow our business. The problem these days is that there are so many ways to promote, we forget about the people who are subject to the constant bombarding of business offer and make money schemes available that are “rammed down our throats” to coin a phrase.


Don’t Panic – there is a better way!

So what is it I hear you ask? One of the best ways to get more leads and create a following these days is to be attractive to your prospects. The way we do this is to offer valuable information and training that we know works for us and share it on social media, or we get involved in discussions that will get us noticed and cause people to get “nosey” about us and what we do and then they are “drawn” to us.

If you’re confident, you can check out some things on You Tube and then make up your own videos that show your techniques that have worked for you. This helps to position you as an expert and people get more nosey and want to learn more from you, especially if your techniques work for them too.

One important thing to remember: People join PEOPLE, not companies.

Bearing this in mind, the more people you can attract to you and want to learn more from you, the more likely they will want to join you in your business and work with you.


OK, So I Don’t Panic – But I don’t know anything yet!

That’s ok. There are many ways that you can get to know a LOT more than others around you. Think about this:

  • You have found out a few methods on how you can get leads for your business and convert them so they join your business. That is a training YOU can offer.
  • You have learned how to set up a blog and how to post great content in the right way and then share it without causing offence, but instead offering great VALUE. Just another method of creating training.


There are THOUSANDS of people who want to know this, so even if you’re a novice, you STILL know a lot more than others who are waiting for you to teach them what YOU know.


What NOT to do:

Don’t do what lots of other people do when they are struggling, which is likely to be “spamming” social media groups with offer after offer to join their business WITHOUT getting to know people and building relationships with them.

Connect with as many people you can every day, but don’t be pushy and ask questions to find out what THEY want. This will qualify them to you as a potential prospect for your business. Don’t lead with your business opportunity, but offer VALUEABLE advice and tips to help them. You can get around to your opportunity later. Build a relationship FIRST. Online, this is done after capturing people’s name and email information so you can write to them and build the relationship by offering value to them in much the same way.

Building relationships with your prospects is key to sustainable growth in your business. This is because these relationships are building TRUST. Your prospect will get to know you, like you and trust you and will be happy to work with you because of these feelings toward you.

Build more relationships and your prospects “warm” to you and then you will have no requirement to do one of the most uncomfortable things for many of us – Cold Calling!

This is the basis of what we call “Attraction Marketing” and is one of the most successful ways to build a network marketing business online and offline these days.


So, to sum up:

  • Share what you learn with your prospects and give them some PROVEN tips and tricks in your own training.
  • Connect with people and ask questions so you can HELP them and provide VALUE to them
  • Lead with value and not your opportunity immediately and build the relationship


Don’t Panic – be sensible and work on relationships. Warm up your prospects and you will see more success. Stand out from the crowd by doing something different and you will get to where you want to be.

To The Future,

Barrie Evans