content creationI think we have all been there in one way or another. Content creation can seem quite daunting until you get yourself into the right place in your mind to let go and let it flow. Ok clever clogs, how the heck do I do that? The best content creation comes from inside, but also is all around you waiting to go in.

Content Creation Comes From Within

I used to have a real problem finding ideas for content creation. I would literally “clam up” and this is essentially because I would spend too much time thinking about things and analyzing them. The old saying that “analysis is paralysis” is certainly true. Even though I’m a lot more productive these days and I can sometimes do a weeks’ worth of content in a short time, based on a daily blog post or video, there are times when I need to get some inspiration from somewhere.

I get inspiration from a lot of sources, initially daily calls that will set me up for the day. These calls help to trigger what I already know and I then get into “flow mode”. I used to worry a lot about my content creation for a video. I would have bullet points and try to make everything perfect. This took so much time but then I was advised to take the Richard Branson angle of “screw it, just do it”! What I find now is that I can sit and speak about more or less anything without a script and be more natural. Yes, I do mess up sometimes, but that’s real isn’t it? I don’t worry about these things anymore and share what I already know and then share more when I learn stuff.

Work On Basic Skills And Content Creation Is Easier

As I said earlier, your best content will come from inside you and also from all around you. The biggest skill you need to develop is how to listen.

Listen to yourself – know what you want and think about what your needs are and believe in what you already know.

Listen to everybody around you. When you learn to listen intently to someone you will pick up what their pain is and how they need help to overcome these problems in their life. You will have the solution to many problems and can help them solve them because you already have more knowledge than they do.

Sharing your content is so important. Say that the people closer to you don’t think they want your help or think what you do is a load of rubbish, which is my experience, know that there will be thousands out there who will appreciate what advice and solutions you have to offer them. With the internet and the platforms out there where we can share great content, you will find people who will connect with you and want you to help them.

Content creation is better when it comes “from the heart”. People who read your content or see you on video will notice this and relate to you when you just do it and not worry about what you’re going to say because it will just flow from you without any effort.

This content creation will enable you to do far more than you ever imagined. You may be asked to speak somewhere to share your knowledge live. This is merely an expansion of what you already do. You will be ok because you will know how to speak from the heart and your power does come from within. Listening to those around you will give you so much information as well as listening to yourself too that you will have no problems with content creation for a long time to come.

Screw it, just do it!

To the future,

Barrie Evans