find your own success roadWelcome to part 2 of 4 in this series of discovering your success road. If you have not yet seen part one, please take some time to read it, because it will help you to move forward with the steps in part 2.

When on the sometimes slippery road on your success journey, you need to take some time for self-analysis. This is a very important part in the event of building up that success journey. Before we actually get into the heart of the formula of personal success, let’s first go through some questions you need to address.

Self-Analysis And Your Success Road.

Consider and answer these questions yourself:

  • Are you easily distracted?
    Most people find it difficult focusing on a goal without getting “side tracked.” Sometimes this cannot be helped, but to prevent this from happening on a regular basis, you can develop new skill sets. You can do this through meditation, using self-hypnosis, or by learning not to give up. Listening to motivational audio is another great way to program your own mind to do more and avoid distraction.
    There are a few ways you can learn to meditate. There are some great websites out there that offer coaching on meditation and some simple meditation audios to help you get “into the zone” using guided meditation. A good place to get some guided meditation that has been effective for me is a site called Meditainment. They have a good series that you can access and they can help you with that singular focus you need.
    We all need to avoid distraction and develop laser focus when we work in any business we own, but more especially working from home. It’s too easy on your road to success to be diverted and get lost.On the subject of focus, think on this: Christopher Columbus proved himself to have a one-dimensional personality; he was totally focused on finding an alternate route to Asia. Even to the point of being a poor family man. Unlike many others, he stayed focused and didn’t give up until he got his result.I’m not saying that it’s necessary to give up everything in life to reach your goal, but you have to focus on it, not consider giving up, stop worrying and make up your mind to enjoy the journey. Of course you must allow time for your family and friends because all work is not a good thing. Stay on course and stay focused on your outcome. If you can do this, you will be ahead in the game, but you must do it, even in bad times.
  • Do you know how to separate good advice from bad?
    Everyone around you will have an opinion – some will be constructive and helpful, others will be negative and not worth listening to. You need to know the difference, by keeping an open mind and evaluating all advice without emotion. Don’t let bad advice dig up your success road.
  • Is the final reward worth the effort, cost and sacrifice?
    If you have done your preparation right, you will already know that it takes time, money, work, or all three, to achieve the success you want. Imagine you’ve already reached your ultimate objective. Think how it feels, and if you think it’s worth the sacrifice, then should move on to the next step.
    It’s time to move forward. If you haven’t yet written your goals down as suggested in part 1, do it. Evaluate them, and prioritize them to complete that task before you do anything else.
    In a similar way to any business, you will need an effective and thorough written plan to move forward.
    The rosad to success and laser focusDon’t expect to get it perfect. None of us ever do, and you will have to adjust your plan as you go. In fact, life constantly changes and you need to be able to adapt. Most of us won’t be able to accurately predict the cycle of the economy. We design a plan based on figures and outcomes we want to happen and prepare to work towards that goal. If things don’t work that way, we have to readdress things. Everything in life is subject to change and we have to accept it.
    When you accept this, you can now start to work toward your first short-term goals.

As soon as you develop your plan, there is no need to wait, it’s time to get on with it and build your business. Don’t let the weeds row and cover your path so you lose your way.

Put your plan into action and take it one step at a time. The first step is the biggest of all, and your commitment to succeed is your guiding light and focus point.

As you continue to find your success road, what have you taken from this part? I hope you have realized the need to focus, have commitment to your goals, and acceptance that sometimes there is a need to change. If you have taken these things from this, you’re ready to move to part 3.