Finding the right success pathWelcome to part 3 of Discovering Your Road To Success. If you have already read part 1, you will know we discussed your goals and your purpose. In part 2 we talked about “self-analysis” and your commitment to your life and business. If you have already read those parts, then it’s obvious are serious about succeeding, getting the most out of life, and attaining your goals.

When you get started, you will be excited. You may have the urge to try to make up for lost time, so you now want to simply “get to it” at light speed. Have you read Parts One and Two? If you have, you are way ahead of the pack. Too many people will sit around and dream, doubt, or just talk, but only a small percentage will take action and then stick to it.

In this part we will discuss how to move forward sensibly. Sometimes things may go so well you will feel like you’re “on fire” as they say. Other times it will be a struggle. That’s the way it goes in the roller coaster of business. If you feel a little overwhelmed sometimes, slow down. It will need some patience sometimes to take each task into consideration, without trying to do everything at once.

Your Road To Success Cannot Be Built On Your Own.

The best thing you can do is get a coach. I know that sometimes coaches can be expensive, but you will need to find a way to get coaching and that doesn’t have to be costly.

One thing is sure; you will need some help along the way.

Look for the most positive person you can find, see, or hear, around you. This person is full of positive energy, and all you have to do is listen.

So, what can you do to get the help you need?

You can simply read all you can and take action on what you learn from that. There is a better way though. You could:

  • Connect with major influencers in your niche. You can find people on Social Media and follow them. It’s surprising how much positive energy you will get from connecting with people who are big influencers. That energy is contagious, so plug into it and be prepared to listen and learn.
  • You could join a focus group and brainstorm ideas and tips with others in your field. Other business people feed off each other and positive thinkers empower those around them too. Look around Facebook groups, or groups on Linked in if you prefer. There are all kinds of communities on Google plus and then there is There are so many places to go to find great places to meet new people and get involved.
  • You can start your own Facebook group and share it among other groups to get members. If you have a good connection with a major influencer, they may agree to join your group too and provide some useful advice for you and your members. This way you’re not only learning, you’re building your own influence and value by helping others.

If you find a cost effective coaching program, it’s worthwhile you taking it and learning more so you can share more. If you don’t have a coaching budget, you will be surprised how much you can learn for free if you are prepared to spend some time on it.

You may need to be selective about advice, but realize that positive energy is contagious. You’ll walk away from conversations with positive energy, too.

It’s best to stay away from any negative talk; that too is contagious.

Feed yourself with positive energy. You can do this by finding good self-improvement books to read, or by listening to inspirational audio books (you can find hundreds on to fill you with positive energy. With a steady dose of positive energy you will be ready for anything!

Another great resource you can tap into is motivational and positive affirmations. There are many places online to get free ones.

How do you separate good information from bad? Where do you start, and what, or who, do you listen to first?

That is really up to you. If you find something that you connect with, you should perhaps stick with that. As with everything else, it’s a case of trial and error. Listen to different authors or speakers. Every one of us has different opinions and needs, so it’s important to find what helps you. If I recommend a classic self-improvement book for example, you might find it boring. However, if you start to read something and can’t put it down, this could be just the way your own positive energy is being triggered. You are enjoying it.

visualize your road to successMy advice to you is to find a self-improvement source today. Make sure that it what fits into your own thinking and belief structure to get the biggest benefit from it.

Self-improvement and personal development is an investment in YOU, so make sure you take action on it.

Visualizing Your Path To Success.

I would like to look at visualization. This is an extremely powerful method in the process. All of us have the ability to visualize. Believe it or not, the power of visualization has built entire civilizations.

The way to do this is to think about what you want most of all. Close your eyes and envision it in your mind’s eye. Best of all; believe that you have already accomplished it. This is only an exercise, but it is an exercise toward success. Please don’t confuse visualization with simple “pipe dreams”. Visualization is an exercise to cultivate positive energy, move forward, and accomplish goals.

You are steadily moving towards discovering your own road to success. I hope you found that patience, the ability to learn, and visualization can be real “golden nuggets” to take notice of on your journey. Of course, you already have all of these virtues, but patience will require a little extra work, as it does for all of us.

Have fun,