Step 3 of 6 in selling successfullyHaving been through step 1, talking about building rapport, step 2, asking relevant questions, we venture into step 3 of the 6 steps to successful selling. In this step, it’s all about working with the prospect’s values. Having created the rapport and asked those questions, you should now know a lot about your prospect and their view of the world and some of their buying strategy. Now you need to move on to knowing what those values are.

To find out more about their “value system”, it’s a good idea to ask at least one more question.

You need to know what is important to them about any particular thing. Because they have shown an interest in your product or service, or your opportunity if that is relevant, it’s a good idea to find out WHY it’s important to them.

The simple question you need to ask is “what is important to you about ………?”

Their answer should give you some insight into why the prospect wants what you have and how it can benefit them. Sales is all about benefit to the prospect, but it’s essential to know what that benefit is.

The simplicity of this question can create magic. Why? Because it’s possible to gain a large reward in the information you can gather to be able to work well with your prospect in supplying the solution they are looking for. The answer to this “value” question can also reinforce the buying strategies of the prospect, which links to step 2.

Without the rapport element of step 1, it may be difficult to ask this question and get from it what you are looking for. Because of the rapport you have built up, you are able to gain so much more. This question also helps to reinforce rapport because it’s a question that is about THEM. You are already miles ahead of the sales person who talks constantly about their product or service and totally misses the point about what is important to YOU about it. People like to know that you care about THEM and not just the product or sale. Ask the question, then listen to the answer. People in general love to talk about themselves and how THEY feel rather than listen to you rabbit on about how great the product or service is.

Selling Successfully – The Perception Of Value

value is vital to sales successHow a prospect sees value in what you are selling is VITAL in the process, so don’t forget about it. Successful selling is all about your prospect and their needs, not about you and your power to earn.

It’s important to know your market in whatever medium you are selling, being online, offline or other means. This is important because you will not be able to sell your product to 100% of the people no matter how good it is. Don’t be like the sales person who believes that EVERYONE should want their product. Be prepared to accept you will get many no’s on the way. When you do, don’t dwell on it, but move on to the next prospect. You may have a wonderful story to tell, but it could be wasted on someone who doesn’t value what you have.

Knowing whether your prospect attributes any value in what you’re offering is important. You can still benefit greatly from this by refusing to sell your product to them because you don’t see it as a way to solve their problem. It would be useful to have a back up that you may be affiliated to that WILL help them. Your rapport building and questioning, along with the discovery of the prospect’s value system will help you to determine what will be best for them. They may not buy from you, but they will respect you and may recommend you to someone who will benefit from your services.

Having reached step 3 in the process to successful selling, you should now be able to find out the important needs, values and why’s of your prospect. Work at these areas to be more successful in your sales process.

Look out for part 4 soon.


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