selling successfully, Step 4 of 6Welcome to step 4 of the 6 steps to successful selling. This step uses the information gathered from steps 2 and 3 and the need for rapport (Step 1) is still evident. This step also clarifies so much in the process because it’s all about “matching”. This is the point where you match the product or service to your prospect.

Because you have created rapport, asked questions to find out more about your prospect, their model of the world and their value systems, it’s time to tie everything together. Using the information you have, you should now be sure that your product will actually SERVE the prospect.

Selling Successfully Is Not Just About The Money

Remember that sales is all about SERVING your prospect. If your product or service is not going to fulfil the need of that prospect, you must be prepared to refuse to sell to them.


You want a person to leave you feeling you’re on their side. That way they are more likely to recommend you to someone who will benefit from your product.

You’re looking for a positive reaction to your work and this can be done by refusal, much the same as getting the sale and successfully helping the prospect. If you were to go “all out” for the sale, regardless of the NEED of your prospect, what do you think could happen?

Match your product to prospect to sell successfullyIt’s very possible your client will criticize you heavily. It would be YOUR fault they failed. Of course, this is not 100% true, but a product or service that does not “fit” is very likely to bring you bad press. Bad news travels faster than good news, so be sure to look after your reputation. You have set out your stall to meet the needs of your prospect, so now you must remain consistent and ensure that you actually DO meet those needs.

Product / service “matching” is vital in the sales process if you are to be successful at it. You may have the perfect course in mind for a certain person, but it’s all on video. If that person says that they find it hard to concentrate on video, would this course actually BENEFIT them if they told you they prefer to READ and take action step by step? I doubt it would, don’t you?

This is where the skill of listening comes to the forefront, and also the taking of notes during your questioning steps. Your prospect will LOVE it when you listen to them and link things to their preferred methods of learning or whatever their specific values are.

Finding out the prospect’s preferences is the key to matching. Any successful selling process needs this process to work well in order to have a better sales relationship with a prospect. It’s a great way to forge a happy relationship with a very happy prospect.

Step 4 Of Successful Selling – Summing Up

Using the rapport you have created (step 1), it’s important you get all of the relevant information. This is done by asking questions (step 2). Then you ask relevant questions to get the values of the prospect (step 3) so you can then move on to the “matching” of the product or service to your prospect. All of this can actually take minutes rather than hours, but the step by step process is more successful when you do it in this sequence.

Matching your product to the prospect and their values will determine whether you will be successful at selling or not.


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