Successful selling and closingHello and welcome to step 5 of the 6 steps to successful selling. We have covered everything from creating rapport (Step 1), asking relevant questions (Step 2), discovering your prospect’s values (Step 3) and matching your product or service to the prospect’s needs (Step 4).

In step 5. We will go over the “conditional close”.

You may have got this far and believe you know nearly everything you need to know to make a sale. Despite this, you should hold back from going for the ultimate close. You should still be “in communication” and learning even more. It’s a little bit like dancing, but the music is still playing. You are enjoying the process of dancing around the room and it’s not yet the end.

Selling Successfully Is All About Your Prospect

When you talk to your prospect in “their language” and you know what they like to hear, they will love you for it. It’s good to see the person interacting with you and either choosing for themselves or wanting more guidance from you. It’s very important to use your listening skills to find out what they want from you and then react accordingly.

What you’re doing in effect is “teasing”, but not being too obvious.

As a prequel to the final close, you can provide information about the options of purchasing. That, of course, is if there are choices. You can do this WITHOUT pushing for that final close. These choices should be given as possible benefits and without giving the prospect a reason to say no.

Depending on the type of person your prospect is will determine your action from this point. If you have someone who is punctual and keen to get started, they are likely to want to get things done.

If, however, the person is a little hesitant and appears to be a little cautious and wanting to be sure of making the right choice, it could be the time to use some “scarcity”. Don’t get me wrong here, but when using the scarcity approach, you still need to be GENUINE. Stay honest if you value your reputation and ensure the offer is going to do exactly what it says. You will lose all credibility if the offer doesn’t expire when you say it will.

Because this prospect needs to make the decision ON THEIR OWN, you should only use scarcity to prompt that decision without being “pushy” and desperate. You can tell them there is a limited time special offer, or you only have room for 5 people on your training course, or there are only 2 products left that they are showing an interest in. If they really want what you have to offer, they will make their decision.

Make sure you have all of these things in place to cover any eventuality.

sales success and the special offerThe person who is keen to move forward will obviously appreciate the offer, but they would probably purchase anyway. There may not be the need to discuss with them at all. After the decision to buy has been made, you could say that they are in luck because you have the special offer going on at the moment that gives them a further benefit. If there is a limit to the numbers on a training course, you could just say you’re looking forward to working with them and the 5 other people on the course. There is no need to over-elaborate in any case. It’s NOT your decision and never will be. You can help to influence, but that’s as far as it goes.

Sales Success And Choices

With either type of person, you can approach them with choices when it comes to purchase.

For example – “so you like the phone in green or red? We have both in stock. Which would you like?” If you’re talking about coaching you can ask which would be the best day to start, a Wednesday or a Thursday.

When it comes to payments, you can simply ask how they would like to pay for the product or service, whether it’s cash or credit card etc. Always leave the choice to the prospect.

Choice is very important and the prospect needs to be given at least the “illusion” of choice, even if you are in control of the process with them. This technique of closing should help to prevent you being “pushy” in any way. The prospect is always “in charge” of the decision process as far as they are aware.

We are reaching the final part of the 6 steps to successful selling. I hope you’re getting some great value from this series. Hope to see you on part 6.


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