The key to selling successfully, stpe 2 of 6Welcome to step 2 in the 6 steps to selling successfully. In step 1 I talked about rapport and the importance of building that rapport and trust from the outset of any relationship with a potential client / customer. Step 2 is another vital step and it’s surprising how many people don’t use this effectively, if at all.

Step 2 in the process of effective selling is:

Ask relevant questions!

This is important because doing this enables you to:

  • Find out how you can help your prospect
  • Find out what the prospect’s vision of the world is and their values etc.
  • Know if you have something that will actually help solve the problem the prospect has, or are affiliated to something that can help to do that.

To be a problem solver, you need to find out exactly what your prospect’s problems are and asking relevant and pertinent questions is the best way to do that. This knowledge opens up ways that you can help provide the solutions.

Building up the relationship with your prospect has to be the first step, developing the trust and rapport so that they feel comfortable answering your questions. Having the ability to ask questions and get complete and honest answers is vital. When you have these answers you will know if your product or service can indeed help your prospect and have benefits they are looking for to achieve their goals.

To Successfully Sell, You Need To Listen Carefully To Your Prospect.

Listening is a vital part of this step too. There are many sales people who will talk about their products and services rather than listen to find out what the prospect actually wants. Don’t be like this. Listen and serve to be successful at sellingMake sure you are different. After all, it’s not really about you as the seller, it’s about the benefit(s) your product or service can give to the PROSPECT. What is the point in asking relevant and pertinent questions unless you actually LISTEN to the answer?

Remember that many people will have “what’s in it for me” in their mind.

Listening will help you to discover what you need to know. It’s a good idea to make notes if you can tender another relevant question to get even more information to help you.

Being a good listener also helps you to find out more about your prospect’s ideals and philosophies. The “way they see the world” if you like. You can also use a NLP technique where you “match” your client with speed of speech, some body language and anything else that can help to further enhance your level of rapport with the prospect.

You could also find out more about your prospect’s buying strategy by asking a pertinent question on previous buying experiences. You can find out if they like to look at things and touch them, or whether they like to talk about things, excited in the opportunity to have the items. If someone likes to touch things, you can speak to them asking them to imagine touching or having the product if you don’t have a physical copy, or give them a sample to actually touch and feel. This will depend on the type of opportunity or product you have of course.

So, step 2 of the 6 steps to selling successfully is based on asking relevant questions and the ability to listen and absorb information. This will help you to serve your prospect better now and in the future.

Look out for step 3 soon.

Take care


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