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Viewpoint Or Fact Based On Rumour Or Truth….

viewpoint or factWhat the heck am I on about? I’ll tell you – You know when something is going around that is perceived as bad news, especially in the case of a business opportunity or program that appears to be “too good to be true”, and this has gone around as some sort of “scam”. Is what you’re looking at a fact or is it a viewpoint based on someone else’s opinion? “Bad press” is something that can destroy a reputation as well as good press enhancing it.

Healthy Competition Is What’s Good For You – Or Maybe Not!

healthy competitionHealthy competition can be good for you and your business, but beware of some competition because it could affect you more than you think in a negative way. There are varying types of competition depending on the business you’re in. You need to be careful of what I call “toxic” competition.

Business Success – Choices And Decisions, There Is A Difference!

Choices and decisionsChoices and Decisions – there is a difference between them. You can make choices on a daily basis and, if you don’t feel like it, you can leave it until the next day. How many times have you made a choice to do something and yet you put it off until tomorrow?

Doesn’t Work – Why? Dunno, Just Doesn’t Work!

doesn't workDoes it annoy you when people come out with the bold statement, doesn’t work that business thing you’re doing? I mean do people go up to a top business leader and say that their business doesn’t work?

I Feel Trapped And Stuck In A Rut, I Want To Break Free!

stuck in  a rutAre you someone who feels trapped and stuck in a rut? Having read a lot of Robert Koyisaki’s Rich Dad series of books recently I understand how this can be. I can also understand how the system from government down is helping to cause these feelings. Robert Kiyosaki is of the firm belief that the education system is flawed and we are all subject to being programmed to be like a “slave” in many ways. I agree….

Making Lifestyle Choices Can Improve Your Business And Life

lifestyle choicesThere are so many of us who have struggled at some time in our lives, some who are still struggling. Even though things may be difficult, we can make lifestyle choices that will set our mind into a better position and help us progress in life and business.

This may be something you have seen or heard before, but it’s always useful to keep it in mind:

Ask as if and go as though…………….

(Ask as if you expect to have what you want and go as though you already have it!)

This sets your mind towards more abundance and more positive thoughts, ensuring you are in a better place to work and make progress.

Where Do You Go Looking For Sources Of Information?

sources of informationOne of the most important things to think of when building your knowledge and skills for your business is where you look for your sources of information. Who do you listen to when you have a problem to solve and you look for the right advice?

There are some who, when they have a financial problem will talk to their friend or family and ask what they would do. Problem being the people they tend to ask have the same problem themselves and therefore don’t have any solution so everybody stays the same.

How To Overcome Fear And Have A Fantastic Business!

how to overcome fearThere are two things that will have a big influence in your business: fear and belief. Discovering how to overcome fear is one of the most vital things for those of us who suffer from this horrible and debilitating feeling.

Are You Tough Enough To Accept The Marketing Flak?

are you tough enoughAs you progress through your marketing and you grow your list, it’s inevitable that you will get some people who will send you emails that will criticize and also be downright hurtful! Are you tough enough to take this kind of mail? It will be quite a daunting prospect to many of us, but you should also be advised that these things happen and you do need to accept it.