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Sometimes It’s The Things You Don’t Say That Make The Difference

what you don't say makes the differenceWhen you post your content on the internet, whether it’s on a blog, on social media, on video or just as an advertisement, it’s sometimes the things you don’t say that are the most important. As a marketer it’s your job to trigger curiosity in your prospect and get their “nosey” gene to react to come to find out more about you.

MLSP – Not MLM But A Network Marketer’s Dream?

mlspBeing from the UK, I was one time sceptical about anything American that was based around Internet Marketing. We Brits tend to have a different attitude to a lot of things and I sort of “went with the crowd”. When I was first introduced to MLSP I saw the program as something that was too overwhelming and complicated for me to understand. What I didn’t do was look at My Lead System Pro as a tool to help me to generate a brand and a presence online.

Struggling With Content Creation Ideas? Look Inside Yourself!

content creationI think we have all been there in one way or another. Content creation can seem quite daunting until you get yourself into the right place in your mind to let go and let it flow. Ok clever clogs, how the heck do I do that? The best content creation comes from inside, but also is all around you waiting to go in.

Create A Win Win Situation In Your Business

win win situationThere is a great way to get more success in your lead generation and business building efforts; that’s to create a win win situation. Essentially, what you want to achieve is a scenario where both you AND your prospect are in a winning situation. How do we do that? Like this…….

Discrimination Can Be Against Anything, Even Good Marketing Techniques!

discriminationDiscrimination is such a negative thing in normal circumstances and is evident in so many walks of life, even marketing! How can we get this out of the system and make changes? This is such a difficult thing to do, but rather than get angry and rant about this, I would rather look at it in a positive way.

Viewpoint Or Fact Based On Rumour Or Truth….

viewpoint or factWhat the heck am I on about? I’ll tell you – You know when something is going around that is perceived as bad news, especially in the case of a business opportunity or program that appears to be “too good to be true”, and this has gone around as some sort of “scam”. Is what you’re looking at a fact or is it a viewpoint based on someone else’s opinion? “Bad press” is something that can destroy a reputation as well as good press enhancing it.

Be Different – Stand Out When Promoting Your Business!

stand out from the crowdWith all the “noise” these days all over Facebook, other social media and advertising sources online, it’s more important than ever to be different! You may know the type of thing I’m talking about – come and join my opportunity, buy my stuff because you can earn infinite amounts in xyz! How many people are doing this and getting nowhere?

Where Do You Go Looking For Sources Of Information?

sources of informationOne of the most important things to think of when building your knowledge and skills for your business is where you look for your sources of information. Who do you listen to when you have a problem to solve and you look for the right advice?

There are some who, when they have a financial problem will talk to their friend or family and ask what they would do. Problem being the people they tend to ask have the same problem themselves and therefore don’t have any solution so everybody stays the same.

How To Take Advantage Of Social Proof In Your Business.

take advantage of social proofSocial proof is important for any business, especially in this day and age when there is so much skepticism and uncertainty. In fact, uncertainty is something that is a major part of the social proof “thing”. The other reported main stay of the theory is similarity.