Take Action todayThere is no time like the present is there? If you’re learning new skills in your business to help you progress, it’s vital that you take action today on what you learn. This enables you to find out more about what you have learned by experience. Too many times people have committed to learning new skills, but keep waiting for the time they’re more familiar with the task before they actually DO anything. How can this work? You really need to know what works NOW, not after 3 weeks of learning. Test what you learn by taking action on the things you have learned.

Taking action right away will help you know you’re doing things correctly, or whether you need to look at the procedure again. There may be times when you need to readdress or “tweak” things to suit your own particular style. Either way, finding out early is the best option.

Take Action Today – My Experience

I recognize the need to take action on what I learn now, even though I was like a great many people in the sense I wanted to know more before taking that action. With this “do it later” approach it’s too easy to procrastinate in this situation. We can all be guilty of this for sure.

Being in a situation of working with clients, I am happy that I now take full action on what I learn WHEN I LEARN IT!! It helps to retain customers because they start to get results. Also, my own results improved because I stopped waiting to learn more, but did what I already could do to make sure what I learned, I understood.

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An Example Of My “Take Action Today” Philosophy

I was learning something new in my SEO business. It was using a technique on one of the top social media platforms that helps local businesses to rank well quickly.

learned something new today - take actionHaving picked up a new client who wanted to see his site ranking quickly if possible, I learned this new technique and applied it immediately to my client’s business. The website itself didn’t rank, because sometimes it’s not that simple. The online presence of his business showed up all over the first page of Google after just 2 days! His local listing showed up less than 3 hours after verification of in Google Business in the local 3 pack at position 2, which was above one of his main competitors who had been there for a while.

Taking IMMEDIATE action on what I had learned certainly paid off for my client, who was ecstatic because I actually managed to get his business to show up quickly. A few days later he got his first enquiry and a job through his website. Having had the site for 2 years and nothing happening, it’s a great feeling to be able to help someone to achieve their goal while also achieving something myself.

Needless to say I have started to adopt this technique to areas of my own business and other clients too. The results vary depending on the competition and how challenging the niche is, but progress is being made.

Remember, when learning new skills you should take action TODAY on what you learn. You will never know where it can take you as you learn more and gain more experience.


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