Stop complaining, be fully responsibleDon’t take offense please. This is just as much a note to myself as much as anything else to take full responsibility for what I do and stop complaining about things that don’t work because I haven’t taken the right action to achieve my goals.

It’s amazing how easy it is to get into a mindset of “you told me this would work” and then go off and not DO enough. NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING comes to us without doing some work. All the hype about the “get rich quick” business has led to many people assuming that it’s easy and all they have to do is wait for things to happen.


If you want to rewire your house because the old wiring is past it, do you think WAITING for the wiring to miraculously get better or replace itself is going to work? Of course not! It’s ridiculous to think so right?

So, why is it that some people think that it’s ok to wait for others to “do the job for them” and have to do nothing themselves and then complain bitterly that “it doesn’t work”? How can it? You didn’t take responsibility and do some work!

Taking Responsibility Is Key To The Success You Want.

When you take responsibility and back up your decision to have your own business, whatever it is, you need to make choices and take ACTION to make those choices work.

If we take the network marketing business as an example:

Many are now aware of the network marketing system and have often misguided opinions about it. They listen to the “bad news”, because that’s ALL we are programmed to understand.

“It’s a scam” or “it’s a pyramid scheme” are just two statements that come out. I’m not saying that every company is good, because they are not, but considering that ALL have to go through a process to trade legally and be registered with a government system that ensures that there is no danger of the illegal and immoral “pyramid scheme” being evident.

Those who do get involved because they recognize the great business model of network marketing are often given the task of contacting friends and family and then they get frustrated when very few are interested in what they are offering.

Yes, they have taken responsibility. Yes, they have done what they have been TOLD to do without any success. The problem in this case is that the training is outdated and needs to be upgraded.

It’s a fact that the system does work when you have hundreds or perhaps thousands of contacts who are deemed to be “warm” prospects. People who want to change their lives and are willing to do things that work.

Conclusion – Often it’s NOT the new business owner failing to be responsible, but the failure of the training to ensure that the new business owner has a way to start making money and continue to get leads regularly. No wonder people don’t stop complaining!

Take Full Responsibility From The Start

take responsibility fully

Take full responsibility to move your business forward and don’t take everything you are told as “read” when you start out. Network marketing companies are on the while successful because they actually DO work. The system DOES help to make some business owners wealthy. The problem is they are few in comparison with the number of people who take part and this is possibly why the misled make the statements they do.

Realize that you don’t need to complain, but find a way to get past the initial stages and start to get new leads, build relationships and build a solid and lasting business that will benefit you and your team for a lifetime.

None of us like selling, which is another complaint against this kind of system. We ALL trained to be great sellers, but that is where leverage comes in. We leverage the people who ALREADY have the sales skills to close the deal for us.

Another problem is funding. We can all quickly become broke from buying this or that or chasing the next “shiny object” because we are desperate to make money. Desperation makes us do all sorts of crazy things. Most of the time it means we don’t stop to think and take stock of what we are actually doing. Yes, I’ve done this – WAY too many times and it’s a pretty dumb thing to do.

So what do we do? Yep – COMPLAIN!

Complaining gets you nowhere. It’s something that puts you in a bad frame of mind and doesn’t help you to solve ANYTHING. I have NEVER solved anything properly in my business by complaining. I only manage to solve things by focusing on the SOLUTION.

People want SOLUTIONS. It’s your job to help them find the solution when they start out and your sponsor’s job to help YOU.


  • I don’t know how to sell
  • I don’t have enough leads
  • I don’t know how to generate leads
  • I don’t have enough money to fund my advertising
  • I don’t….. you fill in the rest

These are just some of the “problems” that have to be dealt with.


What if I could show you a system that can provide the solution to ALL of those problems listed above and even more?

  • You don’t need to sell ANYTHING
  • You will be trained how to get leads AND fund your advertising
  • You will have personal one to one training to help you make money
  • We all leverage the people who are trained to do the sales and make money
  • AND Much MORE…
stop complaining
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Interested in finding out more?

Take full responsibility for your business and your life moving forward. This system has helped to change lives and people have made money from this even without ANY experience. You learn from the ground up!

The best thing is you can do this alongside a network marketing business and share what you learn with your team who may also join you in this venture.

Stop complaining and take full responsibility for your future by checking this out here.

To the future,

Barrie Evans

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